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  1. These could go well with a halloween costume. I spotted them in a Primark store, but I couldnt find them on the primark website. They look a lot like Pleasers, but with a smaller heel - the heel height on a size Eur 41/UK 8 was 11cm. That was the largest size I could find, but it seemed large enough for me even though I normally take a Eur 42 or 43. And the best news - the price was 19 euro! Sorry the picture quality isnt great. H
  2. Im going to be in Berlin for a couple of days two weeks from now in early November, and hoping to do some heeling and shoe shopping. I am trying to organize a visit to Fernando Berlin. Has anyone any recommendations for other shoe shops in Berlin which might have high heels in larger sizes (european 43), or suggestions for other places to visit? Or anyone interested in meeting up? H.
  3. In case some one here is interested, that show is selling out pretty fast! H
  4. I've booked a seat at the Rocky Horror sing-a-long on Wednesday 31st October (8:30pm screening). If any one else is interested in meeting up there, let me know! H
  5. The Prince Charles Cinema near Leicester Square in London is showing the Rocky Horror sing-a-long on Halloween night this year - Wednesday 31st October. I'm going to be in London and I am planning to go along. Could be an easy opportunity to get out in heels! Anyone else interested? H.
  6. A question for those who know London - I might be in London for work at the end of October this year. Google searches say that the big events and parties will be on the weekend before Halloween, before I get there. Would you expect many "grown-ups" to be out on the streets around the West End on the night of Halloween itself (which falls on a Wednesday this year)? I was thinking of going out in costume (with heels of course!). I know I could just do it anyway, costume or not, but I would be a lot more relaxed if there are others walking around in costume. Thanks, H.
  7. I'm thinking of getting Steve Madden Wagner ankle boots, probably in a US size 11 / european 42. Their website says they have a 4.5 inch heel, but I think they probably have a higher heel in the larger sizes, and I find websites can be way off on actual heel heights sometimes. I havent been able to find any Madden boots in the shops to check. Has anyone here bought a pair of Wagner booties in a larger size, and if so can you tell me what the actual height is? Thanks in advance! H.
  8. Hi Aristoc - you've achieved nirvana by my reckoning! To be able to go out in public doing ordinary every day things with wife or friends while openly wearing such high stiletto heels must be fantastic - I'm jealous! The postings and photos are appreciated - its a real encouragment for myself and many others i'm sure. I'd love to see a video clip from some public outings and hear the clip-clop! What sort of reactions do you get when out & about? H.
  9. Hi Aristoc - those boots are just awesome! It must have been really cool wearing them in public. I'm thinking or ordering some shoes from skyscrapers. They say their shoes and boots fit small and recommend ordering a size bigger. Did you find that to be true? Thanks for sharing - would love to hear more of your experiences out & about in those boots!
  10. Thanks you for the welcome messsages and advice. Yes, I have told my wife I would like to wear heel is public, maybe use halloweeen as an opportunity, but she wasnt too interested. I would only wear them in public if I am somewhere I wont be recognised. To be honest if I get an opportunity, I am reluctant to ask her permission beforehand because it she says no, then thats it, I may never get the chance. Its just something i would really like to try , at least once. All my boots are stilettos, but while I much prefer the look of stiletto heels rather than blocky ones when worn by women, I would be quite happy to wear a wider heel myself, but I have never found a pair at a reasonable price with a high enough heel - it seems to be the realm of the custom shoemaker. hpsabre
  11. Hi there, I'm a regular guy, married, kids etc, but of course wouldnt be here if I didnt love high heels. My favourite heels are closed toe pumps and boots with 5-inch+ heels. I enjoy wearing heels as well as watching them worn on women, and wearing is tolerated at home as long as the kids arent about. I own a few pairs of boots, my favoutes are a pair of italianheels knee boots with 5 1/4 inch heels. I did once wear a pair of 4 1/2 inch ankle boots in public under very long jeans when I was on a business trip, but I was too nervous to really enjoy it. I'm really hoping to get another opportunity to walk in public, especially to try my favouite boots, but unfortunately have not had any business trips in a long time. Some day! I really enjoy reading members posts of their adventures out and about in heels, so thanks to all those posters and to the people who set up and maintain this site! hpsabre
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