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  1. My normal sizing is UK10 but the heels are UK11 as I didn't take the website advice and went for a size up as with mens shoes if they are narrower styles I need an 11, when I order again they will be a UK10. As for the area Andover is close enough for now!
  2. So far I've got comfortable wearing them around the house and walking has improved according to my partner who thinks i wear heels better than her! It's always been stilettos I liked so that had to be my starting point, I don't know if it'll go any further than this as yet, time will tell. Perhaps I should have said I don't see me going out in women's clothes just hose and heels under jeans/trousers. Pics by my partner and its her skirt and tights too!
  3. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I forgot to mention the shoes are Pleaser Domina 415, in at the deep end eh? I certainly don't see me going out and about presenting as a female at anytime, but as you can see from the pics of the shoes below we had a play last Saturday evening at home!
  4. Hi everyone Stumbled across the site a few days ago and had to join up! I'm in my 50th year and had a thing for high heels as long as I can remember and always encouraging the females in my life to wear stilettos whenever I could! Divorced and now with a new partner, who has been more open with discussing my 'thing' with me leading to her picking out my first ever pair of high heels to try which were duly ordered. So I've been wearing heels for a month now at all times at home and loving the feel of it. Last night after a visit to the cinema on the way home she agreed to me walking outside with her for company, albeit in a quiet place and around midnight for about 15 mins. The feel of walking on the hard ground rather than carpet was different to say the least and will take some getting used to but practice makes perfect! She is uneasy about me going out in public during the day and worried that I may be ridiculed and has asked that I don't 'go public' and certainly not local to our home in the South of England. So small steps for now and see how things go.
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