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  1. Looking fantastic Mike and those boots are amazing!!!
  2. Nothing lower than 5 inch heels for me. I wear my 7 inch single sole stilettos when at home and have ventured out in my 6 and 6.5 inch heels on occasion!!! I also have a pair of ballet heels but again, only worn in the house
  3. First off spikesmike, Great outfit and those blue patent oxfords complete the outfit perfectly!!! Don't you just love the height of the heels, I know I do I have spent about 3 hours in mine the other evening and yes the heel is very high but becomes easier to walk in and more comfortable the more you wear them so I hope you will find the same with yours! I bought mine in a size 44, a bit snug at first but are starting to fit like I expected the more I wear them so if you want to part with the ones that don't fit you all that well let me know. Oh and yes, I am a bit envious right now and must ask who took the picture? Also, it would be pretty awesome to show my oxfords off along with you
  4. I love the second pair!!!!
  5. Damn those boots are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. You are quite welcome!
  7. Like you, I too have a thing for Oxfords!!! I know exactly what you mean in regards to how they enclose your feet, it is one of the things I like the most about them besides how good they look and feel when I wear them!!!! Great pairs of Oxfords you have there too
  8. The seller is Bittermoon Sexy Fetish High Heels Store. I had to buy them when I saw them and surprisingly enough, the quality isn't too bad!
  9. Thanks!!! I bought them off of Aliexpress.
  10. I just received these new Oxfords in the mail yesterday I love the height of the heel and they fit and feel amazing!!!!
  11. They are from FUSS.
  12. All I can say is WOW!!!!! Such a sexy pair of Mary Janes and I absolutely love the heel height! All you have to do now is post some pics in the gallery of you in these amazing heels
  13. Very comfortable I must say!!! I never really had an issue with my toes being pinched in them and yes, the heels are still sturdy
  14. Thank you very much!!! I couldn't resist buying them even with such a high heel, they looked so good in the store. I figured if I was going to learn how to walk in heels why not start with a pair that would be a challenge and force me to wear them and master walking in them. I am so glad I did !!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The first I bought were a pair of black pumps with a 5.75 inch heel. I still have them and do wear them from time to time I will say, I have put many kilometers on them and loved every step