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  1. Omg!!!! I love the style of those boots, can you please tell me where you purchased them from.
  2. The reason I wear heels is because they look good, I love the way they feel and they make my everyday boring outfits look so much better. Most of all though, it's because I can!!!!!
  3. Ankle and Knee High boots are my preference but I have 2 pairs of Thigh High Boots and a pair of Ballet Ankle Boots. My boots range in heel height from 4 to 7 inches ( quite the broad range ) preferably stiletto but I do have a few pairs with some block heels. Truly a hot pair of boots and the shackles make them even more alluring I must say!!!
  4. The highest heels that I have worn are my Ballet Boots and my 7.1 inch Silver Pumps. However, I am able to walk decent in my Silver Pumps but am still trying to master the Ballet Boots !!!!!!!!!
  5. Same goes for me too!!! My girlfriend is very understanding and supportive of my heel wearing. It has strengthend our relationship immensely and has made for some excitement too! She too loves heels so it is a win win situation for the both of us. We enjoy venturing out for nice walks in our heels together rather than me just wearing mine at home with her. I wish you all the best in your relationship and lots of heel enjoyment in the future Happy Heeling!!!
  6. I think you have just set the bar with those boots and it is set real high Loving those boots you are wearing!!!!
  7. Fantastic boots Barr!!! Do you need a superhero sidekick???
  8. I think this post is fantastic and there are amazing entries already!!! Here are 2 from me to start
  9. They are a great pair of heels!!!
  10. Always a pleasure to see you in a pair of your fantastic heels and you wear them so well
  11. OMG, they are fantastic and look great on you!!!
  12. Fantastic choices!!!
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