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  1. Damn those boots are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You are quite welcome!
  3. Like you, I too have a thing for Oxfords!!! I know exactly what you mean in regards to how they enclose your feet, it is one of the things I like the most about them besides how good they look and feel when I wear them!!!! Great pairs of Oxfords you have there too
  4. The seller is Bittermoon Sexy Fetish High Heels Store. I had to buy them when I saw them and surprisingly enough, the quality isn't too bad!
  5. Thanks!!! I bought them off of Aliexpress.
  6. I just received these new Oxfords in the mail yesterday I love the height of the heel and they fit and feel amazing!!!!
  7. They are from FUSS.
  8. All I can say is WOW!!!!! Such a sexy pair of Mary Janes and I absolutely love the heel height! All you have to do now is post some pics in the gallery of you in these amazing heels
  9. Very comfortable I must say!!! I never really had an issue with my toes being pinched in them and yes, the heels are still sturdy
  10. Thank you very much!!! I couldn't resist buying them even with such a high heel, they looked so good in the store. I figured if I was going to learn how to walk in heels why not start with a pair that would be a challenge and force me to wear them and master walking in them. I am so glad I did !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The first I bought were a pair of black pumps with a 5.75 inch heel. I still have them and do wear them from time to time I will say, I have put many kilometers on them and loved every step
  12. Smokin HOT I must say!!! I have 2 pairs very similar to those with the special arch and 6.5 inch heels, one all black and the second pair are black with a red heel!!!
  13. Awesome pair of boots spikesmike!!!
  14. Damn they look great on you!!!
  15. Damn they look great, a perfect pair of heels to go with your daily business attire