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  1. These are my observations(and, I am not gay). It appears that within sexual categories and division and subdivision, there are a sets of behavior characteristics that, more or less, outline each category. It appears, for instance, gay men are attracted to male characteristics and seem to be are less attracted to men that exhibit female attributes. Then there is a subcategory of gay men that are attracted to other men that desire to dress, look and act exactly like women. I.e: she-males, lady Boys, etc, and all differences in between. Same for lesbian divisions. However, it appears to be easier for females because society today seems to accept a female exhibiting male dress and behavioral habits more readily, and with less attraction, than men wearing female attire. Go figure. Psychology goes more deeply into this further than I want to go. Because after thinking about it, I don’t really care. In my. Teenage years, I used to think quit a lot about the reasons why I loved to wear “girls shoes.” Thought tons about it.. tried to quit/stop/change without being able to. So, about half way through my high school years, I decided to give up and stop trying. My philosophy: “if you don’t like it, screw you! And, from that time onwards, (excepting for my military service) I have worn only shoes crafted for girls. And, I don’t intend to stop now (too old). So, I’ll do my thing and everybody else can do theirs.
  2. Oh, please don’t stop. Doesn’t really matter if they’re me or women wearing them. I love to look at the different styles of heels that are available. Gives me a good idea on which style I might like to take another look at as my next purchase.
  3. My wife and I discussed this point Throughout the many years of our marriage and resolved the question that shoes do not define the character of the individual wearing them by completely ignoring it. Therefore, we enjoyed many happy years wearing heels in public together. In fact, whenever we’ve been approached by a curious person, usually a woman, and questioned as to my wearing heels, she took the lead and provided an appropriate response. Unfortunately, sad to say, she passed away a few years ago and left me alone to handle these situations by myself. I still limit my responses to those I learned from her, truthfully and without hesitation or embarrassment.
  4. I have a pair of Tatiana pumps in a light tan color with stacked heels that I still wear out and about without any problems during cooler weather. They’re shelved for the summer.
  5. Great pictures. Lovely styles. Lovely women wearing heels. However, not one picture of a man wearing high heels. 🙂
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