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  1. Kinda strange. Perhaps unfitting shoes physical malady? (Reminds me an incident that occurred years ago where a woman at a wedding we were at appeared at the ceremony with her hair still in curlers. When reminded by my wife that her hair was still up, she replied that she would take it down after the ceremony because she wanted it to look good for the reception.)
  2. Using the internet online banking feature available at my credit union has greatly reduced the number of visits I personally make each month. I especially like using my debit card for purchases and reviewing my transactions and account balances whenever I need to is very convenient.
  3. My wife loved that style although she preferred higher, thinner heels. Both of my daughters still do, as do my granddaughters. Chunky two inch heels appropriate for almost any “more dressy” occasion. I always thought they were more feminine looking for me to wear.
  4. Slightly feminine looking. Neutral color. Nicely proportioned. A light red toenail polish would add an interesting accent. As they say in the South: “Good on ya!” Wear them with confidence.
  5. Over the years that I have been wearing my girls shoes in public, almost all of these infrequent inquiries have been made by women. My wife used to handle them without any comment from me. As for seeing other men wearing girls shoes, I can count on one hand the number of times that I have seen another man wearing female footwear. Then, mostly flat sandals here at the beach.
  6. Situations have a way of working out with time. 🙂
  7. I own a couple of pairs of penny loafers, similar to yours with 4” heels. One pair of black leather and the other in brown leather. They are a mainstay of my wearing my “girl shoes” in public. I don’t have any animal print shoes or boots at the moment.
  8. Why not reduce them to an acceptable size, post them and include a comprehensive description. We are glad to have you back and are looking forward to viewing anything you have to offer.
  9. This afternoon, while reviewing some videos posted on YouTube, I happened upon one of a busker playing his guitar on Oxford Street in London. The performance was magnificent. But, what really caught my attention was the people in the background that you could see walking around behind him. An excellent cross section view of everyday footwear worn by average men and women in London. Men wearing sneakers and work shoes. Women wearing sneakers and other flat shoes. Occasionally you would catch a glimpse of a girl wearing a pair of ankle boots with low heels. But no high heels. Disappointing.If you stood on a corner here in my city you would see about the same pattern. Except there would be more Crocks and sandal because of our warmer weather. The video alone is worth watching. The person performing, Miguel Montalbon, is playing his interpretation of “The Sultans of Swing.” I’ve been wearing 5” heels for years. As is normal for anyone learning to wear heels, it takes practice. My system for learning to wear shoes with higher heels is to put them on, stand up and take 50 steps before sitting down. And, after resting for a while, doing another session increasing the number of steps. Important: Stop when you are tired. Began again the next day and increase the number of steps each session.
  10. Not to change the subject but at 08:45, a few minutes ago, there were 325 visitors listed as browsing this site. Looking at the “activity” section, I found only one person has posted a comment since 11 P.M. last night. What a shame! So much interest and so little comment.
  11. Here, where I live, banking is a highly competitive business. Each village has at least 3 branches of well known money institutions that conduct business during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. However, banks have been closed on Saturday and holidays for many years. The only way you can get cash when banks are closed is from a ATM.
  12. My wife loved that style. She managed to convince my daughters to appreciate that feminine looking style. She also bought a couple of pairs for me. But, I cannot wear that style because the strap across the vamp doesn’t like the shape of my feet. Very uncomfortable for me. 😳
  13. All styles are my favorites. Particularly styles and colors of “girls shoes” that I can wear without drawing excessive attention. Loafers, sandals, pumps and wedge heels offerings.
  14. As a update, after reading these posts, I took a second careful look again at this pair last night. There is a small label fastened to the tongue showing that they were made in Vietnam, size “11W.” And the only other printing on th shoes is the Crocks label and the remark “Duel Comfort.” The brand name “Crocks”is embedded into the sole. The overall appearance kinda resembles “Chuck-a boots.” I decided,while getting dressed this morning, to wear them to church. I usually wear a less obvious pair of girls shoes every Sunday. My black or brown Nine West Penny Loafers with 1 1/2 inch heels, for example (nothing as stylish or flamboyant as Mlroseplant ). No problem during the service and none at the restaurant where I ate Sunday dinner afterwards. I believe that I am going to enjoy this pair,
  15. The red boots are attractive and very eye catching too a point where I don’t think, if they were mine, that I would wear them out and about in public. I really like them. But, I am conservative when it comes to wearing my heels in public and these boots, in my opinion, would draw more attention than I would want. There isn’t any way you could convince anyone that they weren’t created for women’s wear.
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