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  1. Merry Christmas dude


  2. And you've been back here again today !!!!! so naughty

  3. I can see that you've been back in here already today. Megan is missing you. I think you're very selfish.

  4. Nope. You are correct that the tune is in a Major mode though. Yep.
  5. Following the video format with a bit of a twist in this one http://vid233.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/fridgidwench/ntt50_zpsy9e4gvzm.mp4
  6. Standing on the DMZ looking at North Korea and all the firepower they had in the late 80's. I have NEVER seen anything like it and hope I never do again. It was quite an impressive sight to behold.. until I thought about what it meant to my position.
  7. Welcome! Im afraid to say, but my honesty tells me to do this.. Your relationship is in huge trouble before it gets any more serious. Think of this : Every time you hear a nice pair of heels strike the ground in a mall, a parking lot, where you work or even out on a date with the girlfriend, what thought will enter your mind? " Wow, heels! I love wearing them.. but I cant.. because I told myself I cant because of certain reasons.. " . You will haunt yourself for as long as your with her. Many of us have found out, you CANNOT keep anything hidden from your partner. To do so is
  8. We all have Hobbies or ' projects ' we work on. What are you up to lately? Reading a new series of books? Building a house? Restoring a car? Fixing a lawnmower? It could be almost anything. Myself? Im trying to fix a dilema that I have run into and have had no means commercially to aid me. I like the feel of one type of guitar and the sound of another. Both companies are presently under a parent owner but wont work together to build me what I want so Im building my own ' bastard ' of sorts. I LOVE the sound of the older Jackson guitars but the necks on them arent as reliable when they ma
  9. I would like to ask your opinion.. Say if your in France or the U.K. and the population of a certain _put in whatever theocratical belief one wishes to use_ grows in numbers and votes. They start segregating themselves and institute THEIR ' culture ' into THEIR neighborhoods and legislate protections for such. They grow and take over certain courts or constable positions which will uphold those theocratical beliefs.. What happens to all the non-believers liberties? Even after giving ' tolerance ' and in some instances ' support ' for others having their beliefs whom we may laugh at, not be
  10. Honestly, Im known as the guy whom helped rid the Town of a ' Rat '. Im known as the guy whom welds tractor parts. Im the guy whom pissed off the local Union when I repaired a road after it was a-muck for 2-3 years.
  11. My point is theres a *small* difference between the 2 groups you have mentioned. Most ( supposed ) ' christians ' believe that they helped found our nation. That its some ' judeo-christian ' type of mash which helped guide our founders into writing our Constitution. I say ' Supposed ' as we all know that no human being should be ' property ', yet they allowed such to happen. The founders wanted freedom FROM theocracies yet they allowed it to ( supposedly ) ' co-exist ' and gave them tax exemptions when other more productive entities could use the tax-break better then the Theocracies/Churche
  12. I used to see the same thing all the time when I lived in the' City '. Lackawanna N.Y. has an area everyone calls ' Little Yemen ' as the local population there are all from Yemen. They dont speak much English there and play the same game with the Police when confronted. I read about that. Talk about a double standard. What is getting scary is how a religion is taking over and nobody is doing anything about it. If anyone says anything they are turned into the ' bad person '.
  13. A skirt OVER jeans? First time Ive seen such a thing. Doesnt look too bad. Maybe it will grow on me.
  14. I saw this article and wondered ( before reading it ) " What now? ". I didnt realize how incompatable certain people are in certain areas. I normally dont read this website as I believe the majority of its writers and readers are of the ' developmentally disabled ' category. In saying such, I apologize to the ' retarded ' people whom might take offense to my tossing those readers/writers in with a group that truly has an exception for their faults. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/23/malak-kazan-hijab-dearborn-heights-police-lawsuit_n_6534860.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592 Heres some s
  15. I have to re-itterate on this a bit. I think things would be more on ' presentation ' then anything else. Example : There are some women are horrible in certain shoes. There have been videos of them falling off their jackstands during runway shows, walking down stair cases.. Ive seen it in public before. In the same instance, there are men whom could wear those same type of shoes and not have any problems. Reverse both of the rolls, flip the page.. it goes both ways. The reason why I dont think many women would be jealous at all is.. Most men whom will start heeling will look *cheap*. Do
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