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  1. you want boot pants,check or Veronica Miceli on facebook........she also has videos on youtube and lots of pics if you type in Veronica Miceli at google
  2. Hey thighbootguy.....Web site is
  3. Here's some pics of some that are chest high....the 1st two pics are from the net,the others are me
  4. The pictures of the pull on knee high boots at my profile are nine west....they fit perfectly and I like the hell out of them!
  5. Go ahead and give us a description of his travelling attire and we will let our imaginations come up with an image of what he looked like.
  6. too bad that you couldn't have sneaked a few pics of them
  7. looks good.....for $10, you cannot beat that deal!!!! I check thrift stores all the time,hard to find boots in ladies sz 11 but when I do I usually buy them.....I would so much like to find some knee high( or taller) hard sole platform boots with big block heels like was worn in the 70s.
  8. nice boots!!!! they look similar to a pair of Cleopatra-Brooke boots that I have in black vinyl(or whatever the material is). I do like the heels better on yours than's a pic of them
  9. here are the same boots in a rust colored leather.....I never could find a rust colored pair of them.......what I would give if I could find a pair of either color now!!!
  10. Here's some pics of one of the best pair of boots that I have ever owned..... I bought them used from a 2nd hand shoe store in the early 80's and I wore them whenever I could until they finally fell apart and there was no fixing them.....I would like to find a pair of them still around today or a boot that is similar in style and construction in a ladies sz 11 or 12......mine were a sz 10 and I have grown some over the years..... Enjoy the pics
  11. here's an idea for you.....find you some wide plastic tie straps that are as long(or longer) as the boots are tall......cut off the end that you poke the strap through to secure it.....align the strap with the back seam on the inside of the boot and secure it so it will stay in place, then cover it with a piece of material as long as the strap is and 2-3x wide and sew it in place, you will have the center back seam and 2 seams on either side for professional look and the boot will appear to have been made that way.If you have enough room in the boot, the strap can extend all the way down past the inner heel counter to the the strap to the counter, then cut 2 thin pieces of leather to put on either side of the strap,then cut 1 piece of thin leather to cover up the strap and small pieces on either side by 3/4 inch....this covers the strap and keeps it from digging into your heel when you wear the boots......what I am describing is like a stay in a corset that will assist in holding the fabric up,not letting it sag and still be flexible...strap on inner heel counter can also be covered up with a peel and stick heel cushion.........just an idea for you.
  12. I understand.......cover them up with a pair of wide leg women's jeans that are long enough to cover all bit 1/2 inch of heel or find them long enough to slightly drag on the ground........or..........find a pair of extra wide bell bottom jeans like men wore in the late 60's and early 70's,back when MEN wore platform shoes and boots.......they are for sale on e-bay every day........I cover up the boots shown in my avatar with a pair of jeans that are about 3-4 inches too long for me when I am wearing flat shoes/boots.......these cover the heel and drag on the ground in the rear but leave the toe portion of the boot exposed in the works for me and should work for you.
  13. Nice pair of boots that you have there!!!! How high are they???? There is only one way to deal with a slick sole on new boots and that is to were them while walking on an asphalt or rough concrete surface....several problems will be solved at the same time while doing will get used to the boots,the soles will no longer be slick,and you will find the fit problems if any.
  14. masquerade as Caitlyn Jenner
  15. try the website of they made the boots in my avatar pic and I am well pleased.