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  1. Another source of "bootpants" is leviticusfashions.com
  2. I actually wore them out until they were no longer repairable,that's why the search is on for a replacement pair or something very similar.
  3. Nice boots!!!! Eagerly awaiting for more pictures of them in their full length to be posted.
  4. No,it is not me. It is a picture from the motorcowboy.com website...I own a pair of boots exactly like the ones in the picture and is shows them better than any pics that I have taken myself. They custom make boots of all types...check them out,you might find something that you have to have.
  5. I know it is not skating but I found something for the diver that wants to be in style. More pics on google,type in high heel dive fins.
  6. The 2019 fall fashion trends post was ok for nothing more than to look at and dream. Most of us here will never spend that kind of money on a pair of boots due to either not being financially able or common sense. What would be of better use would be a fashion report of what the average retail stores have to offer.....stores such as dsw,rack room shoes,your big anchor stores at your local mall, and others that sell to the average person and not the rich. Very seldom will you see any of the styles that were in the 2019 fall report being worn on a daily basis. The old Sears catalogs of many years ago,was a good indicator of what kind of styles you would see on the streets....too bad that they are no more.
  7. Check this out, I think that some outfits look quote good on him,although a few are too feminine to suit me. modemuth.de
  8. What people have forgotten and need to relearn is that it was the MEN that wore the heels,riding boots,and thigh high boots FIRST....the women then took up these articles of clothing when it became impractical for men to wear them anymore. Also remember that before pants were invented that everybody wore skirts,kilts, and tunics (dresses) that were at least knee length and sometimes longer. I don't see the wearing of any of these articles of clothing as cross dressing but as taking back what once belonged to the men in the first place. However,times and fashions have changed and in today's world anytime a man dresses in something besides a suit,jeans,and shirt unfortunately will be tagged as strange,abnormal or a crossdresser.
  9. Sorry, I meant how high up your leg do they go,ankle,to the knee,over the knee,thigh high, or crotch high?
  10. Nice boots!!!!! How tall are they?
  11. You are looking good in your poncho outfit!!!! Have you considered wearing thigh high boots with it in either black or a light tan? I think it looks quite good,but then again I am partial to really tall boots. Give it a try,I think you will like the results. Here's a pic for an example.
  12. Lucky you!!!!! They look like they fit you perfectly.
  13. Nice boots there!!!! Sam Edelman makes some excellent quality boots. I found a pair of their black leather over knee boots a few weeks ago at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro,AL for $40 in like new condition. Unfortunately, my ladies sz 11 foot would not squeeze into a sz 8.5. If you are ever laid over in Birmingham, AL or Chattanooga, TN, it would be worth your while to rent a car and make the drive to their store. Boots are seasonal so don't waste time going in the summer. They have a little bit of everything there and at good prices. Call me if you know ahead of time that you will be laid over at Birmingham and maybe we can meet up. Merry Christmas and Happy heeling to you.
  14. good looking boots there,they look very similar to a pair of Nine West pull on tall shafts right at the kneecap boots that I bought years ago.
  15. Check out motorcowboy.com That is where the boots in my avatar picture came from...sz men's 10,crotch high,all leather,leather lined...easy to wear and walk in.
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