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  1. Its a feeling that I cannot get enough of!!!!
  2. Not new boots but new pictures of old boots,14 years old to be exact and still look like new. These are mens size 9.5,crotch high,made with thick leather and very well constructed. They have a 1/2 inch platform to offset some heel height. I these are made by motorcowboy.com and I have no regrets. They were bought off of an ebay auction for 1/2 price. Check em out as this is the toughest pair of boots that I have ever owned.
  3. Let's not forget the band Motley Crue,they wore some awesome boots and heels.
  4. Nice pair there,Swedeheeler! Are they real leather or vinyl/pvc?
  5. Good looking boots there, Don! These look very similar to a pair of nine west pull on boots that I have that are tall enough to touch my knee cap. The heel looks sturdy and they should be easy to walk in. As for the tightness of your boots,put them on with the thin socks and spray them with shoe stretch(or brake cleaner in the spray can,both smell the same and I have used both with outstanding results) and wear them until they are dry,repeat if necessary for the desired results. You may have to go over them with black shoe polish to get the shine back. Wear them and enjoy them!
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