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  1. Just repainted mine. I love the look too, my wife doesn't care that I wear it. I paint hers for her most of the time. Sometimes we wear the same color. Some times you will get that weird looking stare but I have had more likes and encouragement. I know what you mean there Heelster about the old 9-5er. I keep mine covered to avoid the toweling that would come if the guys see it.
  2. Thanks for your support of our love of the high heel!!
  3. I think that some are envious that we have the courage to actually be ourselves and wear what we like. As to any remarks on me wearing MY skinny jeans........"because I can"
  4. Great look, very well done. Stylish for anyone that loves heels!
  5. Super cute, those are stunning. Hope you get many miles out of them. I use to shop at Kohls as well buy the lack of size 11 has put a damper on that. Any of you guys that can wear a 10 or smaller are soooo lucky.
  6. Nice find there Heelster. I just scored a couple pair of Frye Samantha seam in black and can't cognac
  7. Nice look well done love the shoes.
  8. Nice find there Bluejay. I'm sporting an OPI bright purple right now, heading in for my massage. The therapist has never made a bad or off "color" comment about my toes. I've donned it for so long now that I can't stand it when they are bare.
  9. Love that blue pump. Those shoes will be perfect for skinny jeans or leggings.
  10. I know what you mean there Heels2U. I have the same situation at my local Dillard's. It is an awesome feeling to be helped like that. I worked at Dillard's for a short time in the ladies shoe dept., and was instructed to cater to all. We had an 11/12 wall where most of those sizes were kept. Once you have purchased from them they won't forget you. If you want to up your game tell your favorite SA you would like to be on the "list" that way you will be notified when things that you are interested in come in your size . Also they are able to order from the whse. and ship the your door. You will find that those SA's will work for you they want the sale. If you aren't treated well just go buy three pair of high end shoes from one of the other SA's walk past and hold them up and say "Huge mistake. I'll bet that one will remember you when you are back in the store.
  11. Nice shoes, you have a great look just keep on walking high!!
  12. Great job on your outing to the mall. I still remember the first time I tucked my jeans in the boots, took all of three minutes until the first comment from the girls I work with......."wow I love your boots"
  13. Nice go there Logjam. I find that is the case in most of my trips to the "candy" store!!!!!
  14. Yeah I know what you mean, that first step is always the hardest. Do you wear your heels out with your wife? I do the same thing usually on the drive home off come the brogues and on go the heels.
  15. Seems to me that looking at what type of heels that everyone else is wearing would be the way to go. It would blend in with the current surroundings. I have worn heels to the mall before and out my way we have plenty of people watchers just sitting and lurking. Don't think you will go unnoticed, because they are watching. Probably won't say anything, but defiantly watching. We all know that all to familiar sound and so does most everyone else. I say just own your look and be confident in your presentation and enjoy the thing we all so enjoy