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  1. I have the same ones. They are defiantly an all day boot.
  2. I totally agree. This is an extremely polished look for anyone.
  3. 2”-3” heels for me with my bootcut “girl” jeans for years now, with many compliments. I just decided a few years back this is what I choose to wear, and have had many “you wear it well” responses. Guys if you want to wear the footwear of you choice, I discovered that the one that was really holding me back was me. We cannot change what others think or say but we can change what we think of ourselves. Rock your heels and own who you are. Happy heeling!!
  4. The Buckle is a wonderful place to get the jeans of your choice from either side of the store. The Sales Associates are there to help you get the best fit no matter which rack it comes from. I have been an employee for Buckle and they are by far the best in customer service, give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.
  5. I have the same boots and love them, they are an all day heel for sure. The cuffed jeans are my preferred look!!
  6. I have the Sorel Joan of Arctic as well they are awesome. Im on posh mark too it is a great site.
  7. Just repainted mine. I love the look too, my wife doesn't care that I wear it. I paint hers for her most of the time. Sometimes we wear the same color. Some times you will get that weird looking stare but I have had more likes and encouragement. I know what you mean there Heelster about the old 9-5er. I keep mine covered to avoid the toweling that would come if the guys see it.
  8. Romulus

    men in heels

    Thanks for your support of our love of the high heel!!
  9. I think that some are envious that we have the courage to actually be ourselves and wear what we like. As to any remarks on me wearing MY skinny jeans........"because I can"
  10. Great look, very well done. Stylish for anyone that loves heels!
  11. Super cute, those are stunning. Hope you get many miles out of them. I use to shop at Kohls as well buy the lack of size 11 has put a damper on that. Any of you guys that can wear a 10 or smaller are soooo lucky.
  12. Nice find there Heelster. I just scored a couple pair of Frye Samantha seam in black and can't cognac
  13. Nice look well done love the shoes.
  14. Nice find there Bluejay. I'm sporting an OPI bright purple right now, heading in for my massage. The therapist has never made a bad or off "color" comment about my toes. I've donned it for so long now that I can't stand it when they are bare.
  15. Love that blue pump. Those shoes will be perfect for skinny jeans or leggings.
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