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  1. I did some outings wearing them, i never though i was gonna do it, but i actually already went to the streets and found my self in the middle of people wearing them , plus a full woman attire, i went out from a makeover photo shut, and i think i was pasable some how, me and my friend went out to clubing and dine out, it was very liberating,and we were the center of the atention when people found out we were guys, we wre not trying to hide or fool anyone, just we were having fun all dressed and wearing our heels here and there, people found out we were normal straight guys in a diferent look, and wanted to know the why were doing it, i still dont know why, i just love the feeling of the heels period, pushing me to turn all my look into a girl without trying to be or feel as one, the only purpose is the wearing of heel out and about, and dont look weird.
  2. Hi, i feel good and happy everytime another guy accomplish that goal!!!, Congrats, i am sure next time you will go further and will enter into more public places, there is no limit , everytime you will ask more challenge more and more. For my self i am challenging me and gathering some guts to go out the next week to the main street in this city i am living in Shanghai, Is a different story i will post what is it like, i dont want to divert your story now. Let us know when you will go out again and what will you accomplish, cheers
  3. I must say that i did this one too, actually i think is one of the best ways to start gaining some confidence, (i will talk about Dr, Shoe suggestion in a bit) When I was starting to go out in public, yes i did the late night vampire outings at very lonely places, and is very exiting the first times, later when you know you can do it any night you start to feel a little frustrated as someone said there, you are still in the same stage of heeling at home and alone, then i felt i needed to go to another level, putting more challenge, so i went ahead and woke up very early, around 530 am and go out in heels, nothing different with if it is midnight, so i concluded that a popular place early in the morning may also be different rather than a popular place at night, so i picked up a small sex shop, i dont know why i linked this to try to wear my shoes there, maybe because is kinky? i have no idea, but i felt doing it, the cashier and the employees saw me as i was showing fully the stilettos 4.5 inch and i did these visits 5 times repeatedly, in different outing, the last one i push to much the envelope and i went with a mini skirt exposing legs in hose and my black pumps clicking all over the place, i have to admit that i didnt enjoyed it much as one of the customers was following me all over the place, maybe he though i do some magic for perverts hahaha, in any case i think that all depends how you wear and what are you wearing, rather than where are you heeling. So my suggestion is to plan your outing well and precise to the last detail so you can at least know what to expect and be prepared, another suggestion is to always be safe and dress according to the place you are about to visit, if you like to go fully infemme is a different story, i cannot talk about that here as it is out of topic. As for the suggestion of Dr Shoe of going directly to crowded places at first, of course is a way to reach the objective, but the tread is asking for the process on transition for shy guys maybe, if you are not shy just go ahead and wear your crotch boots under your jeans and go to the airport, I m sure no one in the first time can actually do that without being drunk or bet some money, some guts is required to do that kind of things. I already went to some clubs and bars in heels and heeled around and no one noticed, but for me to do that i needed to build the confidence and explore my senses when out and about in heels even in lonely places first.
  4. hi there, nice story scrappy, i have a question is there anyone that has filmed an outing with a hidden camera in your chest, shoulder anyplace with the purpose to see the reactions of people whila walking around? I have seen many videos of outing but most of them are pre-selecting the spot and the time and taking many shots, therefore the reality is not 100% unless you just attach a camera to you where no one can see and walk around in heels or whatever, im very keen to see the result of the experiment. anyone?
  5. I love your story trevor, i think is very authentic and of course doable, i will use it as a go by, lets see if something good happens, but i must admit, it totally depends on the type of personality of our wives, so for you it give it a boost as your wife is big fan of the heels etc, Also it depends on the booze and the occasion, so i will see if it will happen one day, as you say one step at the time so i wont show wrong signs. Out of having only fun is the reason.... thanks again for your story.
  6. the other day watching ng, i was thinking how it would be to throw your self on a glider in your 5inch stilleto crotch boots and a leather catsuit!! just for incase this is not fetish. is exhilarating!!!
  7. thanks all for your ideas and opinions, some posts are really interesting while others are a little out from what i was expecting, no offense crotch boot-m , we are actually taking baby steps here, and we hope to reach your level one day, why not you tell us if it ever been in the past an experience similar to this and how you dealed with it. The point i am trying to analyze here is to touch the wife or gf from the side of the challenge to wear heels together and how to do it smoothly and natural, and what would be the cons if they will start to know you are into heels and do not approve. very simple On another thing, i would like to jump on the shark experiences, what do you think she will say if you come home with two pair of black classic pumps 4inch heigh for you two. do you think she will take it in a bad way after she already challenged? I am kind of preparing a moment where i will come with these two pairs and tell to mine, hey you lets see who walks better a guy or a girl? i would love to see you on thses ones more often, so i bought mine to support you... something like that. in fact the response by jwhite44 is actually help full you are righ what if she decides for me in order to analize my intentions, women are women, they will always keep playing these little games, i gave it a though and i think is better to come up with the proposal after declining an open challenge that may or may not serious on that moment, and maybe just testing.
  8. I like the purple tights and the black boots, i think you should try to wear a tigh dress instead,
  9. I do like the shoe but i dont think i can start with this one as i already wear something similar without thinking they can look similar to high heels, sorry i think you are kind of confusing fashion for men to a regular high heel shoe designed for women, i hope one day it will be equal.
  10. I got missed a similar opportunity and could get over it for 1 year, still have a little regret, the issue is not that there are plenty of occasions to wear the high heels , for some of you guys is easy as you are doing it quite regularly and had already moved on to a higher level, as for some of us that still too shy and too rookie on going out, is hard, it requires lots of balls to make the decision before actually doing it, the action of doing it is something else. In my case last year i was invited to a fetish ball party, and even in the invitation was told to dress kinky or weird or sexy etc, i went with a huge outfit of a vampire, even managed to put on blue contact lenses, i have no idea what happened to me, i was already there parking my car, all dressed up, wearing make up wig etc, completely unrecognizable, and at the last minute i chicken out as never before, i was having the 5high heel knee stiletto boots already on my feet, and i saw people in the street in a casual attire i though maybe i will be the only freak at that party, f..k so i had to at least changed my shoes for some regular mens shoes, and put the boot on a back pack, so i will see how is the party first then i will put on the shoes once i will be there, well the party was huge and so cool, there were many performances and many people dressed up in many customs, i felt like i was ok wearing as i was wearing, at that moment i felt there was no need to wear high heels, the party stayed on i felt kind of tired and left early, the next day i regretted many things one that i left early and without wearing my heels, two that i lost an ipod that was on that bag back with the uselss pair of boots that i never worn, and third that i went to that party alone, i should have at least a friend to go with, but since i decided to go dressed up and in heels maybe i felt shy and keep it private. This lesson helped me to think of what i like and want to do without regret anymore, i decided to have fun and make it a blast any opportunity i will plan to go out, all plans have to be well designed and have to be followed 100% after i decide to do it, the results are the expected ones, for example my last haloween, i perfected a plan to go as a female zombie wearing tights and a 5.5 inch stilletos showing my legs fully as in the avatar, i was expecting to be shy and chicken out in the moment of stepping outside, but i didnt i went out and no one recognized me, even more because maybe my posture or my walking moves there were girls that were asking me tons of questions of how can i managed the high heel etc, and one of them "very cute by the way" was attracted to me, hahahaha, i can say i had a nice night, of course i forgot to say that there were gay men also attracted to me as well, and a TV give a touch up of make up in order to look much more scary and unrecognizable, that was a blast i have to say, so the suggestion for next outing if you dont want to chicken out and regret, plan the night to the minimal detail, and have everything previewed.
  11. thanks to all, I think all of you have a point, and i agree that the most important thing is to have decided a response when it will happen, period, this is similar to all things in life, if i rush it or i force it it wont go well 100%, so even if the process could be complicated or not the best thing is to have the game set for the moment when she challenge to play. the shoes given in the link are cool, maybe the best for give a start, i remember i did some alteration to a my casual man ankle boot and increased the high of the heel to 2 inches it almost looked like that one, but with a wide heel and a man shoe shape, maybe a look for special orthopedic shoe, anyway she did like it as i look taller, i have no idea how she will react if i come home with a ladies pair of shoes (regardless the high of the heel or the look if is too neutral or too feminine) maybe she will laugh or she will hate it and start to guess about my cd values, haha I am still debating whether i come with a pair by my self or i ask her to choose a pair for me when i see a clearance of my size. Other is to tell her is a kinky thing i read, to put on red 5inch high heel pumps,
  12. I had seen many entries on very similar cases on members of this and other forums, telling an experience in where they were asked and/or challenged (sarcastically) to wear high heels in order to see how it feels the pain and the level of difficulty that theoretically we men normally ignore. My wife in some occasions, when she complained about the pain derived from wearing high heels, replied to me that i should know that it is indeed a challenge, "you should wear once to see how it feels" and in all the cases i was prey of the fear or shyness in order to follow up the sarcastic comment/challenge. As I read more and more people here, had similar experiences, my question here is how can we play the reverse psychology in order to get our selves on a winner situation where our wife /gf etc, can approve at least once to wear heels with them? I know it will be useless if this is done once as a challenge to defeat, but how then I can turn it into an activity we may do together repeatedly? any advise? thanks
  13. bootme babe, those boots in your avatar are the best!!where did you got them? thats a fantasy me to get one pair of those, in order not to detour the topic
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