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  1. Hi secondtake20, I just wanted to say hello as a neighbor just north you in Winder, Ga . I hope this message finds to doing well.

  2. Hi secondtake20, Do you still have your Payless Megan boots? If so, do you think you might be able to take some pictures of the heels for me? Not sure if you saw a thread I started, but I'm trying to take a pair of boots I bought at Avenue, and have the heels replaced with a quieter pair. The ones on the Megan would be perfect. The only picture of them I have is the original one I posted a year ago. I figure I'd have better luck with the cobbler telling him what I wanted if I might be able to provide a few different views. Thanks. J

  3. Your favourite sole and heel type?

    It depends on my mood. I like soles that are under 1" thick. As far as the heel it depends on where I am going and what I wearing.
  4. On Black Friday, I went Christmas shopping with a female friend and spent about 8 hours in my black knee high boots with a 3 & 1/4" heel. (The boots in my avatar.) I was wearing Black mens slacks and a Grey long sleeve shirt. As far as I know no one ever gave me a second look. I did this at a very large shopping mall and at 2 different outlet malls.
  5. High Heel

  6. Do you know, for the guys.

    The same for me johnie.
  7. Roz I am sad to hear you are leaving. I have enjoyed your input. Please take care and check in from time to time. I also enjoy your web site, Please keep up the Great work you have been doing. Secondtake 20 (Kevin)
  8. Late night stroll in 7" sandals.

    Scott You're the man!!!! Great picture at work. How did it feel to wear them all day? Don't let other get you down, do what makes you happy. After all they are your shoes, walk how you want to.
  9. Very new to this

    Hello and Welcome!!
  10. Florida, US here

    Hello and Welcome.
  11. Who has bought some new shoes

    my6heels Keep up the GREAT work!!! You are doing very WELL!!!
  12. Hello from the Great Northwest

    Hello and Welcome!!
  13. Hi from Southwest Ohio USA

    I'm not from Ohio, I'm in the state of Georgia. Hello and Welcome!!