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  1. sexyplatforms

    'Real wear' platform heel pics

    and some more... sp
  2. sexyplatforms

    'Real wear' platform heel pics

    Some more nice pics: sp
  3. sexyplatforms

    Pink glitter fun

    Well done! I'm looking forward to seeing the pics too! SP.
  4. sexyplatforms

    Some of my pictures

    Dear Fogborkenvv, Excellent pics! You have created a very stylish look in your images - I especially like the pics of your carvella boots and your J-Lo's. Keep up the good work! All the best, SP
  5. sexyplatforms

    traceyloveshoes - Hi from a UK fetish heel fan

    Welcome to the forum! There are lots of great people here who love to chat about all things heel-related. SP.
  6. sexyplatforms

    'Real wear' platform heel pics

    Dear Johnieheel - some nice pics there - some very stylish plats... SP.
  7. Personally I'm not keen on the chains but - sexy: Frumpy: Neither sexy nor fumpy - merely drab:
  8. sexyplatforms

    'Real wear' platform heel pics

    Dear BobHH, very cool photo - many thanks for posting it. All the best, SP.
  9. sexyplatforms

    my latest outing!

    Excellent pics W6ISH! SP.
  10. sexyplatforms

    my latest outing!

    W6ISH, those new plats look amazing! I think they'd look perfect with a short black shiny dress... SP.
  11. sexyplatforms

    'Real wear' platform heel pics

    Well said BobHH! dr1819, you may be interested to know that, actually, many of the photos in this thread are 'real wear' - i.e. people wearing plats in everyday situations. By the way, next time you do see someone wearing platforms outside the club scene please take a picture and post it here! Best wishes, SP
  12. sexyplatforms

    'Real wear' platform heel pics

    Cool pics BobHH! These are nice too: SP.
  13. sexyplatforms

    Street shot

    Check out these shots of sexy women wearing platform stilettos on the streets of Geneva! SP.
  14. sexyplatforms

    great wipe outs caught on tape

    Dear all, just checked it out and my memory was correct: Naomi Campbell was wearing these Vivienne Westwood 'mock-croc' blue platform heels when she had her famous fall on the catwalk in 1993: SP.

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