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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.
  1. HappyinHeels

    Bernheels lives in Mich. I live in sub. of Columbus, Ohio. I have been to other meetings since the 2013

    meeting. New York and Las Vegas with Iloveboots and others. I have not been to any meetings lately.

    I only wear flat ugly shoes when I work in the yard, also at the L A Fitness club. Any other time I go out

    in public I wear high heel stilettos ONLY. 5" heels or higher. I have no restrictions. I wear heels to the

    Grocery, Movies, McDonalds and all other fast food places, Doctor offices. Drove to Las Vegas, Nevada

    wearing only stilettos, also while there. I love wearing high heels.   Thanks for dropping me a line.


  2. Pointer7, You obviously feel you made progress since you'll undoubtedly do it again. The point is you made it happen. TBG is very correct in that your shoes will be noticed but you will be so aware of it because nobody made any overt signs they had noticed. You'll be noticed in ballet flats, or wedges or pumps, or even thigh-high boots but the important thing is did you enjoy the night?
  3. Bigfoot15, Wonderful story!!! That's the epitome of spousal support and a template for ridding one of the mental demons so many of our members erect in their own heads. The statement was stark and unambiguous: You wanted this heeling lifestyle! No better way to prove the statement than by walking the walk. Great stuff to see happening indeed. Thanks for sharing. HappyinHeels
  4. Of all my boots I only have one featuring a rear zipper. I went jeans shopping earlier today and wore kneehigh boots with a 5.5" stiletto heel and a side zipper. Didn't find any jeans but one sales associate at Target loved my boots Never saw anyone happy in a "no sale" situation. HappyinHeels
  5. BlackBoots, Your ability to wear heels or not has little to do with election results and everything to do with confidence results inside your own mind. Just like closed-minded people who can't accept an election result and use it as a wedge tool to moving forward as a person so too can a person who fails to clear their mind of mental obstructions create their own wall and then convince themselves the world hasn't changed the way they wanted. As Ghandi said "be the change you most want to see". Your mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is wide open. HappyinHeels
  6. curiousheels, Where will the shoes be worn? The domina sandals suggest a more upscale evening or event. They will look more elegant but will be harder to walk in over a period of several hours. The Pleaser Kiss 209 platform sandals is one of their absolute best sellers. This one would work for a night out to a club, a bar, perhaps even a movie. It will look good with slacks or jeans and is stable to walk in. What I've done before is carry an extra set of heels to allow for change of pavement or venue or my own mood for that matter. Carry a totebag or a handbag. Be realistic, if you're wearing heels in public carry that other necessary tool: the handbag. I hope this helps in the decision process. HappyinHeels
  7. Those who disliked Trump may focus on the necktie while those who liked him are focused on the ties which bind us together. We'll be fine. HappyinHeels
  8. curiousheels, You should absolutely get a pedicure if you want to do it. Service may have been crappy in one store but there 999 more to replace it. Any business worth their salt will welcome all customers with open arms and treat those customers with dignity. Some here get pedicures without colour and present themselves completely in guy mode. Others mix feminine and masculine clothing articles while others always wear some type of heeled shoe into the nail salon. I have twice gone with Steve63130 to his favourite nail salon in central Ohio and got my feet pampered. Both times I wore my Jessica Simpson "Carlow" sandals with 6.8"/20cm stiletto heels and was treated royally. Remember you paying for a service and, at least in the United States and Canada, that service should be enjoyable in its delivery. The reason for this simple. For a sizeable swath of businesses repeat customers are 50% of their revenue. "Welcome them in, treat them well, watch them come back." Those businesses whom master this simple maxim nearly always succeed and withstand the test of time if the rest of the their business is run soundly. I get a pedicure when I can at a private home in the Chicago area. I always wear some sort of sweater or polo shirt, bootcut or occasionally skinny jeans, and some boots with stiletto heels or some obvious summer wedge sandals and often carry my tan fringe handbag. It enhances the experience. After the pedicure I'll visit my friend's shoe store and hot some other favourite shopping spots. Shopping and enjoying the day with a fresh pedicure just like the girls and never a bad word. You'll never know until you do it again. A positive experience is just around the corner. HappyinHeels
  9. AT home or somewhere else?? YOur first time? We need a little context. Keep going. HappyinHeels
  10. Pointer7, I don't know why the movie theatre is one venue to which I haven't yet worn heels since I have worn heels in the downtown area of several cities and in several countries. I have worn them to malls, restaurants, and to other stores on general shopping trips. The more exposure the better. The busier the better as others say here. Wear what you want and go about your business and do it confidently and you'll see the difference! HappyinHeels
  11. bambam, You have a wealth of information here which, I hope, helps you. Look, it's a choice of footwear and NOT a declaration of sexual orientation or a girlfriend vs shoes priority contest. The idea someone could factually conclude sexual orientation from mere footwear choice is like branding a woman wearing pants or a baseball cap an instant lesbian. Does an especially high heel make one a slut? You see the nonsense in this?? Besides this anyone who loves unconditionally should not then reveal their love is, in fact, with conditions. The only requirement is this; that the relationship is founded upon mutual respect with commitment to each other exclusive of any one else's influence. A person who can commit unconditionally to another makes a strong foundation upon which to grow and prosper. It is the keystone of a meaningful and honest society. If we, as humble beings, can't commit to such a simple yet fundamental relationship it becomes nearly impossible to govern or make progress as a country. Quality of country and quality of life is determined by the quality of commitment we make at the most basic level. Tell her succinctly and confidently. Perhaps tell her to go put on a higher pair of heels. Go to your room and get a pair of yours and then come and look at each other. This is one way. There are others. Just don't procrastinate and don't think your desire to wear heels will fade away because it will not. Tell us how it goes. HappyinHeels
  12. mlroseplant, I still have yet to go to a movie in heels but that's coming. Have seen Passengers and Patriot's Day in '17 so far. The second one is outstanding! Or "wicked awesome" as they'd say in Boston. ANother one with a birthday in the middle of the winter like me. Have a good trip to Vietnam. I'm sure you'll enjoy the sun. I am making my third business trip to Belize next week. Looking forward to some sun and heat as well. The black winter outfit suits you and Iowa in winter. It's the heels which lift your spirits not the color. HappyinHeels
  13. All, This sounds like a matter for law enforcement. I wonder if the United Kingdom prosecutes mail fraud with the zeal of the USA or some other countries? The only way to shut down jerks like this if to document it with those who can actually "bring the heat". Pun absolutely intended. The real threat of apprehension and subsequent prosecution is what tempers the atmosphere for would-be criminals and rip-off artists. HappyinHeels
  14. The sheer number of parcels in circulation worldwide is mind-boggling now and the system is still supervised by humans. Parcels will be missed or sorted erroneously ans not placed into a bonded warehouse so no duty or customs inspection takes place. No different than an envelope with a stamp that never got cancelled by the postal equipment despite going through the system. Government systems are designed to screen the bulk of such items but some will get through as it is inevitable. HappyinHeels
  15. Spareheels, The burning question is: Did you see any guys wearing heels in SF on NYE? Inquiring minds want to know! HappyinHeels