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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.
  1. All, This sounds like a matter for law enforcement. I wonder if the United Kingdom prosecutes mail fraud with the zeal of the USA or some other countries? The only way to shut down jerks like this if to document it with those who can actually "bring the heat". Pun absolutely intended. The real threat of apprehension and subsequent prosecution is what tempers the atmosphere for would-be criminals and rip-off artists. HappyinHeels
  2. The sheer number of parcels in circulation worldwide is mind-boggling now and the system is still supervised by humans. Parcels will be missed or sorted erroneously ans not placed into a bonded warehouse so no duty or customs inspection takes place. No different than an envelope with a stamp that never got cancelled by the postal equipment despite going through the system. Government systems are designed to screen the bulk of such items but some will get through as it is inevitable. HappyinHeels
  3. Spareheels, The burning question is: Did you see any guys wearing heels in SF on NYE? Inquiring minds want to know! HappyinHeels
  4. Interesting topic. Since I don't own anything under 4"/10 cm I don't know how to answer. I believe my style reflects the occasion. Pumps for better occasions, boots for cold weather, wedges for warm-weather shopping or an outdoor wedding. Since I am so used to higher heels I suppose a heel of only 2-3"/5-7.5 cm would feel strange. Variation in anything is probably prudent. HappyinHeels
  5. Pointer7, That's an interesting place to start. Other places to think about are driving to and from work if you don't rely exclusively on public transport or an outing somewhere to a restaurant, window shopping at a mall, or just walking through the downtown area of another city. By doing this you'll accomplish a few things; A- You'll get real life exposure in public; B- You'll hone your ability to walk in heels and C-You'll be able to find and define your precise fashion style which projects your personality. The combination of the first three produces D- The inner confidence to pull it off and make the world take you on your terms. Read for example, the enlightening musings of members like JeffB, Thighbootguy, and mlroseplant among many others to get a sense of what it is like. Your desire will only grow so you'd better feed it sooner than later HappyinHeels
  6. North Carolina
  7. It's the time of year to appreciate what making your own high heel prints looks like. "On Stiletto, on chunky, and on wedge heels unto the four corners of the world shall we travel tonight!" To all a Merry Christmas and a very good night. HappyinHeels
  8. curiousheels, Now you have an array of input. Thighbootguy had enormous experience with all manor of boots and wearing heels as a guy in general. Others, like me, are more into sandals or pumps whether worn with other items "feminine" and "masculine" blended in or just "dudes in heels". Either way you have to decide what you want to get from the experience of wearing heels. They are not wall decorations but works of art for the feet so embrace them as an expression of your identity. Once you do this first critical step then everything else which follows will be logical and comfortable to you. HappyinHeels
  9. curiousheels, I understand your situation to want to use a Canada-based store to save on customs duties and shipping costs. The prices quoted in US dollars appear to be fair so your only decision is what style to buy. Consider your personality and what you may wear the shoes with. Are you still just wanting to wear them at home or will you actually wear them out in public? Consider then which style suits you the best? Pumps with dress pants or jeans? Ankle or kneehigh boots with a skirt and tights? Wedge sandals with jeans or a skirt? Only you can best answer that. Decide what you want to achieve and go from there. HappyinHeels
  10. Shyheels, You're a little off on this one. Not only have the "Millenials" heard of Bob Dylan but they know the value of him as a pivotal singer/songwriter in American music. The interesting thing about music from the 1970's and 1980's is that it is as popular with the people who actually grew up with it (myself) as it is with their millenial children (my son and daughter). It has withstood the test of time. In fact there has been quite the love affair with all things retro from sold-out concerts of 1970's and 80's bands, to beer labels from those two decades, to 70's and 80's-inspired clothing and shoes and even a resurgence in vinyl record sales. But the music from that area is undeniably safe in its importance and continued popularity. That is the magic of music. It can mentally transport me back to 1975 or 1969 or 1979 which are three years of specific importance to me. My children can seemingly feel the 1970's vibe through enjoying the songs I listen to. Bob Dylan is arguably a guy some TV networks may actually consider putting captioning on the screen as his voice is different and his accent not of This Earth but his music needs no translation. HappyinHeels
  11. w6ish, Upon second glance you're right. Dany was never made with studs around the vamp of the shoe. But the Dany, while looking clumsy, is actually very comfortable and oh sooooo retro! We like a lot of the same stuff. Keep struttin' your thing! HappyinHeels
  12. Closet Heeler
  13. JeffB, You are a fashion masterpiece and NO masterpiece should be rushed! TBG, You consistently carry your confidence so why worry any more now about your ambient security? How many years now walking around in thigh-high boots of all footwear, with an obvious beard, and you're still walking tall. The same would-be-morons or cowardly boors which were around a year ago are still around. What stops any of them is your confidence and the rule of law. Once any one's thought process comes around to the idea a stupid act will result in apprehension by an alert community will lead to a jail cell and a meaningful consequence is when common sense then kicks in. If you curb what you would normally do then evil wins. You've made the world take you on your terms so don't stop now CAT, Your style is nothing short of edgy so I wonder really why you are so concerned. Keep strutting your stuff and stay confident. I understand some of your concerns but if someone really has nothing better to do than try to figure out who you are then they'll do it anyway. I mean you outdress most women in downtown Chicago. HappyinHeels
  14. fascinating topic!! I must say benchmark you have similar tastes in footwear to mine but those classic tractors are very cool indeed. I have lived in rural areas nearly all of my life so am naturally interested in them. We had a Massey Ferguson when I was a kid here in Wisconsin. I have collected beer cans since 1975 and have about 4,800 of them. I specialize in 12 ounce US and Canadian flat-top cans or the ones requiring an opener. They were made up until about 1962 when companies starting to transition to the tab top cans and finally the all-aluminum push-button style openers of today. The cans I collect cannot be crushed in one hand. Some of them will not even crush under a car tire! Truly a blast from the past. I also collect some assorted beer signs, trays, tappers, and openers. Now if only I could meet a beer-can-collecting member who loves high heels as well. Peruse the collection in pumps? While away the hours in wedges? Possibilities are endless. HappyinHeels
  15. Whilst the legacy of Castro's Cuba did vastly improve the education standards and health indices as well as made Cuba an expert on hurricane preparation it came also came with the totalitarian tactics which college professors blissfully ignore. That's the hallmark of communist regimes. It never exists as it does on paper. I would like to visit Cuba before it inevitably changes. If given the chance in a free and fair election, really, would the Cuban people, choose the same thing? Just look what the mad pursuit of socialism has done to Venezuela. Once the country with the highest per capita income in Latin America it is now faced with massive food shortages and energy rationing. All self-inflicted over ideology. When I lived there in 1978-79 there was full employment and life was good. I knew no less than half a dozen Colombians illegally in Venezuela working. Now Venezuelans try to get into Colombia to find work.....and groceries. HappyinHeels