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  1. Jeff, i agree with you 100 percent. Even if you ask my girlfriend she will say when it comes to the clothes and the shoes I am "more of a chick then she is ". The outfit needs to be well put together so you get a compliment and not a laugh. She says she I get dressed I have a smile and a look on my face that only happens when I'm dressed up in a pair of heels and a skirt. I tell her no that's not true but I will admit her that I know it is!!! I think I look better in a skirt then a pair of men's dress pants. Just my opinion.
  2. That's an awesome outfit to take you thru an awesome outing !!!!
  3. Although never have worn a dress I know you have all seen my skirts and thigh high boots but I have never been told I can't come in. I have been everywhere from Home Depot, grocery store, fancy dinner establishments to bars and clubs and have always been accepted and have never had a bad comment from anyone working at the places I have gone. I have always gotten nice compliments
  4. Great heels always make a statement!!
  5. It's more then WOW!!!!! I did hunt these down,,,,, up to size US9. That website has very little over US 10. I would have them on order already if they were available in 11 . UGH
  6. Too bad the guys aren't!!!!
  7. Looks great ! With those boots I would do a red mini skirt, beige tights and a dress button down shirt !!!
  8. TBG, awesome look ! Love the boots and the outfit!
  9. If we can pull off a Chicago gathering,,,,, it may have to include a McD's stop too!!!!
  10. Don inyhink it would be great, I am north of ORD. They have a restaurant bar there called the Gaslight Club. The wait staff are dressed as playboy bunnies !!!
  11. I think we need to figure out a date and a venue !!
  12. LMFAO I changed it. Why doesn't auto correct work when you need it !!!!
  13. Great collection of outfits!!!! Love the thigh high boots with white trim!
  14. I think we could set up the Chicago meeting as some have talked about. I think it would be fantastic!!
  15. Thank you again TBG! I have to say I love the fishnets. I have worn them a couple of times with the tights and more without. I don't have a problem either way with comfort. It depends on the look you want. I had a ton of compliments with the shiny tights under the black fishnets looks sexy I was told. I wore the nude fishnets out and a girl told me they looked awesome and gave her the idea to get some because it did not stand out like black and she said she did not even know I was wearing them until she approached me and told me. You can also find vendors that make tights that have a fishnet pattern on them. Some small net yup to wide fence net. Try Hue. As far as the shoes go they are Pleaser Devious Daggers with a 6-1/4" heel!!! That my max on a single sole'. I have worn them for a few hours and the only reason they work for me is the toebox is perfect. I liked them so much I bought a pair of Daggers in locking ankle boots! I told my GF she can keep the key,,,, her reply was "it's ok honey even if I unlock your boots you won't take them off anyway!!" LOL. And yes that's probably true. I am very thankful that she is not only ok with my heels but shops with me for me and has no problem when we go out and I wear heels just as she does (just a little bit higher)