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my 2020 adventures

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2 hours ago, Cali said:

Kill them with kindness

Thanks. Already have schemed up a plan to get my revenge. First get her to trust me and become courteous and full of compliments and be caring. Yet difficult to do  when someone has no style whatsoever or has no fashion sense.  Or understands caring enough of her fitness approach, diet and physique to achieve any results. Someone who acts very smart judges others as fools in comparison. Yet she can’t understand basic body function between tricep, , bicep or back muscle laughing upon herself as if it was joke. 


Often my revenge to hostile gal i can’t avoid is opposite to run away or back down. Have the problem play into my advantage.rather trying fight current upstream I follow the current.  It’s to have the gal notice me in different clothes I enjoy to wear. Hostile gal can’t ignore this on daily basis something new I wear Upping the bar so to speak, yet same style I’m use to. Gal might get angrier even try to ignore me but time wears them down when the truth comes out. Jealousy or envy often is motivating factor for recognizing hate.
 Only my neighbour gal has no jealous bone in her pale old body. Neighbour gal with her narrow mindedness of her beliefs of appropriate attire or lifestyle choices I make is one she can understand or care for. Her belittling behind my back is only way for her to vent disapproval. 

Once my plan takes shape I feel neighbour gal  will get exactly what’s coming to her. Only then I will satisfied not caring ever again what she really thinks of me again. Little will she know will enter into my trap only then will figure out he was only planning for his sweat revenge. 

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oh my goodness is it safe to write here anymore?!!!  so many complainers! anyway: the wild adventure becomes more:  exciting!  sorry to have not shared the last couple of years of fun stuff!  i'l

Yeah I used to that too. Wear only block heeled boots. But eventually I got so frustrated One day I said “fuck this” and stepped out in my pair of Barley Overknee Stiletto Boots. I had this amazing be

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not sure about any moose that close to the city, or to the west of it where we were.  but north of the city is serious moose country.  where we were, there is a huge deer population but that was not a deer walking down the side of the road.  i got to thinking, if it were someone, why wouldn't they walk on the pavement and be silent?  there were no cars on the old highway, but us.  so weird.  

anyway my gal pal showed her city girl colours with her freak out, scream, frantic run to the car, never going out there again statement and her hand gripping my thigh all the way back into the city!  her hand on my skin: wow!  her hand was boiling hot!  once inside the city though she calmed down and back in her place she asked what can i do for you for saving my life?

ha!  (i certainly told her what she could do!)

sadly it is going to be very cool for the next several nights.  no more super sexy show all stretch shorts and white high heels on bare feet and legs.  already, yesterday, i asked if she would like to go out again and she said to where we went:  No!  but she would like to walk the city streets at night, so maybe there is something we can do together.

i'm still chuckling over how she totally lost it out there.  that blood curdling scream of hers was more scary than any night sounds out there in the wild darkness!  but i have to play my cards right with her as for now, she is the only gal pal who will go out!  all the others are paranoid about catching the stupid virus and so are locked down like lunatics.  

gosh how i miss the night club, getting dolled up and going out.  


the good old days: when i could put my white high heels up on the rail over at the club.


or when i could enjoy a show at the club and wear my black body suit with my fave shoes...  


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The foot steps crunching in the gravel reminded me...

Years ago my wife and I were out visiting. It was late and we knew of a dead end farm road that went back along a river and decided to go back there before heading home for a bit of fun. We got there, laid out a blanket in the grass, (it was mowed, someone keeps the area in shape), and were just getting "warmed up" and unbuttoned then we heard this loud snarl, like from a mountain lion, and we do have them in the area. My wife leapt to her feet and was in the car in a fraction of a second, I am not sure her feet even touched the ground. I grabbed the blanket and tossed it in the car and we left. Any "fun" was over for the evening.

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it is a beautiful day out there!  warm and blue skies!  which means it might be a wonderful evening for a drive in the country.  i'm going to ask my gal pal from last week if she'll take a ride with me, back out to the west end where "the thing" scared her silly!  

any excuse these days to wear high heels...

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weather is beautiful again tonight and forecasted for the entire weekend, it could be the last chance this year to wear the super fun second skin shorts and white high heels!  i asked my gal pal with the blood curdling scream about a drive and she said yes!  we agreed that tonight we'll go east of the city for a change in scenery and a less spooky experience.  

the other night we made it without any creepy night sounds but weirdly...  someone pulled over on the same stretch of barren highway, about 500 yards down the highway, pulled over and left their lights on.  we watched the scene and both agreed:  okay...  not sure what is going on with that but maybe we'll get out of here!

but like i said:  any chance to wear high heels these days is good enough for me.

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fun stuff: it is smoking hot and beautiful here today.  we (a new gal pal!) went for a drive in the country this afternoon and took in one of the nature trails.  i was in my super fun second skin shorts, a black tank top, and going barefoot down the nature trail.  after 30 minutes we were both sweating and i said enough with this tank top and took it off.  she looked me over for a few minutes and then said:  you have no body hair?  no hair on your arms, chest, back, legs?

i admitted that i did shave my legs every three or four months but the rest of me is silky smooth!  i laughed when she said: i guess all the hair you got is on your head!  

she didn't see me in heels.  i'll save that for later.  hoping to catch my second wind as it is still beautiful out and we, me and the gal with the blood curdling scream, are going to the east end for a night drive.  looking forward to that but i need to put it in relax mode for a couple of hours!  

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monday night was the last of the hot summer like nights...  we took off around 7 p.m. and went back to that spooky stretch of highway for some dark sky time and spent 2 lovely hours out there watching the moon duck behind the clouds.  the same usual amusements with cars passing by on the four lanes, lighting us up for a few brief seconds.  we tried to get a video of the scene but the phone camera wasn't up to the low light conditions.

i hated to leave the scene knowing that the weather was definitely going to change to rain and cooler nights.  

i wanted to stay in my second skin blue jean shorts and my white 7.5 inch heels!  

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