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On 11 December 2015 at 1:43 AM, HappyinHeels said:


Not sure I've seen a definition for super-arch so I asked my friend in Chicago who sells shoes (many fetish ones as well) about what a "super-arch" shoe might be. He said any shoe/boot where the instep ratio is at least 5:1 and certainly 6:1 or more. So, a shoe/boot with a 5" heel atop a 1" platform or a 6" heel atop a 1" platform would normally. A 6:1 ratio, for most people, essentially puts the middle part of the foot perpendicular to the ground. You'd better be sitting at a party or lying down as Newton's laws of Physics will not be kind to you. My advice: wear a lower more stable heel on the way to the party and, upon arrival, unpack the "party heels" from a handbag and then walk straight into the venue. HappyinHeels

I thought the expression super arch denoted shoes with an arch profile much more pronounced than on an ordinary arch, which in a lot of cases on a very high heel can be almost straight. They give much more support to the foot than ordinary arches but can make the actual angle of the foot more than with an equivalent height heel. The Archenemys site used to sell them and a lot of their models wear them. I think they're what Peter Chu calls special arch. http://www.orientvisual.com/shoepage.php?querytype=id&searchstring=OTB_B1

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For me super arch,as Peter Chu does is a special sole shape that gives a more vertical look and a more arch shape to the foot,with the same heel height. 

A very extreme heel height doesn't give necesserely an increased arch. 

That special arch gives this very sexy shape with a slightly lower heel. 

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I have several pairs of these made by Peter chu. They are really high quality, but still very difficult to walk in.


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