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  1. This is an older article that I dont know if it has been posted here before or not, but it's the first article I've found that says straight men where heels and that you dont have to be gay (or whatever other nonsense people call themselves these day) So even though it's an old article its nice to see someone writing about straight men in heels! https://hubpages.com/style/High-Heels-for-Men-Latest-Fashion-Craze
  2. So did anyone ever actually win this friendly little contest?
  3. My new heels almost match this skirt perfectly! I plan on wearing this out to dinner or a short shopping trip next week while I'm out of town for work!
  4. Thanks for all your replys! I ended up giving in and buying a small black wristlet to hold my things. Im out of town next week and I plan on getting some good heeling in so I will have to test out the skirt and wristlet and see how I like it!
  5. When wearing skirts and womens skinny jeans or leggings where do you put your things. I'm use to having a coat in the colder months so I just use those pockets. But it's not cold enough for a coat right now and I'm debating if I really want to carry a purse, wristlet or some other type of handbag. What do you guys do if you dont have pockets?
  6. @chrigi-ch those look very cool. I just may have to order the burgandy ones!
  7. I dont really pay attention anymore... I saw only lady smile at me as she passed. Other than that I didn't notice
  8. Definitely one of the easiest ways to wear heels!
  9. Thanks! I can, it gets tight just before my full step but is stretchy enough I can still take my full step. It was kinda fun that way
  10. Thanks! It went good did some shopping, and ran a few errands.
  11. Who makes these if you dont mind me asking?
  12. It's been a while since I've posted here. But today I had the chance to get out and do some shoping!
  13. All I see is " there are no clubs to show"
  14. I've ballet boots love wearing them


  15. Yes next time I bring it up will definitely be to try and clear the air. From there I'll have to wait and see how the conversation goes.
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