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  1. Just a normal uneventful day out. Cant really complain about that though!
  2. Sounds like you should just wear your heels into the office!
  3. Yes just a slim leg mens dress pants, peacoat and heels! Sometimes I wish I had an office job so this could be my work attire..
  4. It's been awhile since I've posted. Been a very busy last few months at work. Managed to get out today wore my aldo boots to do alittle shoping/errands. I hope I will have more time for heels next year! Considered wearing these instead but I was liking the boots more for how much walking I had to do!
  5. I would have loved to see that! I also envy anyone who can wear heels of any kind and dress up for work. I'm a delivery driver so there is no way I could wear heels to work :/ congratulations on such a challenge!
  6. I also dont think the dom/sub has anything to with the video or ballet heels in general. For me it just the style and challenge of them/ how elegant they can look when someone so talented walks in them. Also those bangs were definitely not her best hairstyle!
  7. Boots were my first thought. But it was a random 70 degree day so I took it as one last chance for other shoes before the snow hits
  8. We are all mesmerized by her! Her and pata back in the day are the reason I ever bought a pair of ballet heels! To this day I still love them and am mesmerized by anyone walking in them.
  9. Got out today to look for some new work shoes. But didnt end up finding anything. Started the day wearing my aldo wedges and ended the day in my black pumps.
  10. I'm thinking Charlotteluxury is the brand
  11. There are a few I've seen on onlymaker that I like but I'm also trying not to buy alot right now since the subject is still not on great terms with my girlfriend
  12. Very few anything.. even the clothing racks are all 20ft apart and half empty. It was definitely strange to walk into
  13. I did. everything is so spread out and empty
  14. I dont have anything like that. But I've definitely heard the heel click to turn around expecting to see some gorgeous heels only to be disappointed by some mens flats..
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