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  1. Yes my husband forces me to wear heels. I’ve been permanently high healed since I was 19. Now I can only wear extreme heels or ballet pointe shoes. I am unable to walk barefoot. I always loved heals and normally wore 4 inch heals. When I was 18 in college I met Sam who is now my husband. He liked my heals but as we dated he got stricter. He would refuse to go out with me if I was not in 6 inch heels. I was comfortable in 4 inch but 6 was a lot. But I love him so I was willing to do what he asked. I always slipped them off as soon as I got home and it was clear Sam didn’t like that. One time he got me drunk. Apparently he put some kind of strong medical glue on my 6 inch heels. (He is a doctor) I didn’t notice right away but pretty soon into dancing at the club it was apparent. This was the first time he forced me to wear heals. We got home late and after trying to pull them off I fell asleep with them on. This was the start of permanent heals. Wearing heals for a long time really helps shorten the tendons. The next morning my feet hurt a ton. I just wanted to take the heels off. Instead he told me to wait. Although my feet hurt the weekend became quite “adult” and I saw how much he loved the heals. I was in so much pain but we had so much intimacy it was worth it. After a weekend of being stuck in the heals he gave me a solvent to make the glue unstick. I’m guessing it was something medical grade. He then used the solvent to get every bit of glue off my feet and then gave me an amazing massage. After only 3 days I was having trouble going completely flat footed and I could see he loved it. I looked in my closet for a sensible pair of 4 inch heels and they were all gone. He threw them out. In their place were tons of heels that were all over 6 inch. He came up behind me and asked me if I liked them. I told him I liked the pairs I had. I told him I’d rather just walk on my toes barefoot then wear the tall heels again. He told me he would only spend the night if I was in heels. I reluctantly picked up a tall wedge boot and put them on. (After checking for any traps of glue) In the middle of the night I slipped them off while he was asleep with the plan to put them back on before he woke. I fell asleep and forgot to put them back on. I woke up to him being very angry. He said if I wanted to be his girlfriend I must wear the heels he chooses and not remove them. I put on a pair for work. I was crying because I wanted to make him happy but the heels hurt a lot back then. When I got home from work he said he had to make sure I kept my heals on all night. After a shower he brought a pair of ballet heals over. I had never seen them before. They looked scary (but now I’m quite used to them lol). He insisted I wear them for the night. As he pulled the laces tight I begged him to not make me wear them. As he tightened them down my feet were forced more and more pointed. They hurt so much. They pointed my feet more then they had ever been pointed and my feet started to cramp up. He asked me if I loved him. I told him I did. He then locked the shoes shut with a small padlock saying it was so I don’t take them off in the middle of the night. I begged him so much to take the shoes off me but he said if I wanted him to stay the night I would need to stop complaining. I couldn’t walk or even stand in them back then. We had more “adult” moments and I started to see how much he really loves heels. I tried to lossen the laces several times during the night but the locking part went over the knot. In the morning he removed them and massaged me again. I didn’t sleep well in pain all night. Once he took them off I found out I couldn’t walk easily. He quickly gave me. 6 inch pair which surprisingly was easier then barefoot. My toes hurt a lot though from being stretched back instead of pointed. When I got home from work he made me wear the ballet heels again. This time they were knee high boots which he locked on me. The night before I only wore them for bed. He made me learn to walk in them. They hurt so much when walking on them but I was able to manage holding onto the bed and other furniture. This happened all the rest of the week after work. Saturday morning I was expecting to go back to the 6 inch like I did each day for work, but he kept me in the boots all weekend. I begged him to give me 6 inch heals but he said he will not unlock the boots until Monday. I cried and begged him to unlock the boots. I even tried to find the key after he went to sleep. What was surprising is that the pain did go down throughout the weekend. After multiple trips to the bathroom, I could actually walk in them. Certainly not pretty but I could do it. Monday morning he offered me 6 inch heals. I tried to put them on and couldn’t. My toes were pointed to much and they hurt to be stretched back. He grabbed a 8 inch pair with 2 inch platforms. The toe part was not as pulled back. I was surprised but the reduced ankle angle hurt to. By the end of work my feet were killing me. Worse then the weekend. My co workers were already pervy as I switched to 6 inch, but the 8 inch made them all stare and comment. The weird thing was, I felt so empowered. For the first time I liked wearing the tall heels. My female co workers couldn’t wear heels like that. I was the sexy one. As I started to like the super high heels my relationship got better and better. That night I begged him for the ballet heels that point my toes more. They hurt less. I couldn’t go bare foot and any less extreme heels hurt. I was shocked to find they were more comfortable the 8 inch heels. He locked them that night and things got “adult” several times before morning. The next morning in the 8 inch heals again I went to work. That night I switched to the ballet boots on my own knowing he would if I didn’t. I loved how much he Sam liked them and because of the training, they were more comfortable then the others. I was starting to walk pretty good in them and they were the most comfortable shoes I owned. My husband got down on one knee and said will you wear ballet boots for me for the rest of your life? I said yes. He gave me a ring. The next day I walked into the office in ballet boots. Everyone was shocked looking at me walking in the sexy shoes with small locks on them. Now I’m 22. At this point I wear ballet boots all day and am normally barefoot for bed. About 2 or 3 tines a week I still am put in the ballet boots for bed. I prefer barefoot when laying down and hates when he forces me to wear the boots to bed and locks thrm. I can not walk barefoot since my toes are permanently pointed. I can not wear normal heels for the same reason. I have tons of pairs of ballet boot as well as point shoes. I wear the point shoes if I need to go to the bathroom in the night. I also started learning to dance in them. The point shoes are probaly the most comfortable pair I own at the moment. Whenever we go out I wear the ballet boots. I have some that are knee high. Some that are thigh high. Some that are anckle boots. Also a few pair that are more open on the top. I also have a few metal heels custom made by fancy steel. They are sexy but arn’t super comfortable. They are custom so they don’t force my toes back like most heels. They Ofcorse lock as well. At this point I literally can not walk barefoot. I can not wear anything but ultra high ballet boots or similar. I have a few rubber pairs as well for showering. I normally wash my feet after showering since I can’t stand barefoot. When we go to the club I get so much attention dancing in ballet boots when most girls slip off their heels because they hurt to much. I know my husband will never leave me because I have higher heals then anyone else. I did have to give up rock climbing and running, but I have no choice with heals locked on me.
  2. Fly a bunch of flight in the same airline and same plane until you see her again.
  3. Wearing high heels and talking about it on a high heel site is unusual lol?
  4. Wow 13,000! I didn’t know there was even that much content on the site
  5. My sister got sexually assaulted because some guy she sent a picture to used the meta data in the pic to find out where she lived. People don’t realize that every time you take a pic with a phone, the gps location is embedded in the picture. So forgive me if I’m not going to post a picture of myself. I also am kind of a shy person. You say you have tons of fetish pics. Most men want one of someone they actually talk to. Surprisingly men care about the conversation and relationship more then they admit. Most would rather see a girl they know in a bikini more then some of the hottest porn on the internet.
  6. That’s just what peeves say to get pictures of woman
  7. Mine are locked on in the morning, so I wear them on my trip to work. No changing shoes when I get there.
  8. Can we see some pictures of you girl in heals and hobble skirts? I’m guessing your talking about something a little looser then a true Hobble skirt? Iv only heard about hobble skirts in the bedroom lol. Like the bondage ones.
  9. I’m tight lace corseted 24/7. It helps with posture and spirits control. I have several. Some are waist cincher. Some are under bust. Some are over bust. I love how my breast look so much larger then they are in the full corcets. My husband loves them and even with clothing over my figure looks great.
  10. For me the toes are the worst part. Caves are very firm
  11. The whole point of heals is to look good. I love when guys comment on my heals. It makes me feel sexy. I normally wear longer skirts that don’t show all my heals, but if someone comments I normally pull my skirt up to show them the whole think. Now if he slaps my ass that’s a different story. But a nice comment and I might even strike up a conversation and show a little more.
  12. Well I don’t have much of a choice since my husband locked them on my feet, but yes. You get used to it after a while and if you get a high quality pair that are not as bad as you would think when you get used to them. As I said, I normally wear long jeans or a long skirt so they are not as noticeable
  13. I am locked in ballet and corset most days for work by my husband. If you do it enough you will get used to it. I spend a lot of time over a drafting table and my computer is drafting table height. So a lot of time I stand. I normally wear a long skirt or long jeans so the ballet boot and the locks are not noticeable.
  14. What kind of planes did you fly? Do they let you where heals on the flight deck lol?
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