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  1. Wearing high heels and talking about it on a high heel site is unusual lol?
  2. Wow 13,000! I didn’t know there was even that much content on the site
  3. My sister got sexually assaulted because some guy she sent a picture to used the meta data in the pic to find out where she lived. People don’t realize that every time you take a pic with a phone, the gps location is embedded in the picture. So forgive me if I’m not going to post a picture of myself. I also am kind of a shy person. You say you have tons of fetish pics. Most men want one of someone they actually talk to. Surprisingly men care about the conversation and relationship more then they admit. Most would rather see a girl they know in a bikini more then some of the hottest porn
  4. That’s just what peeves say to get pictures of woman
  5. Mine are locked on in the morning, so I wear them on my trip to work. No changing shoes when I get there.
  6. Can we see some pictures of you girl in heals and hobble skirts? I’m guessing your talking about something a little looser then a true Hobble skirt? Iv only heard about hobble skirts in the bedroom lol. Like the bondage ones.
  7. I’m tight lace corseted 24/7. It helps with posture and spirits control. I have several. Some are waist cincher. Some are under bust. Some are over bust. I love how my breast look so much larger then they are in the full corcets. My husband loves them and even with clothing over my figure looks great.
  8. For me the toes are the worst part. Caves are very firm
  9. The whole point of heals is to look good. I love when guys comment on my heals. It makes me feel sexy. I normally wear longer skirts that don’t show all my heals, but if someone comments I normally pull my skirt up to show them the whole think. Now if he slaps my ass that’s a different story. But a nice comment and I might even strike up a conversation and show a little more.
  10. Well I don’t have much of a choice since my husband locked them on my feet, but yes. You get used to it after a while and if you get a high quality pair that are not as bad as you would think when you get used to them. As I said, I normally wear long jeans or a long skirt so they are not as noticeable
  11. I am locked in ballet and corset most days for work by my husband. If you do it enough you will get used to it. I spend a lot of time over a drafting table and my computer is drafting table height. So a lot of time I stand. I normally wear a long skirt or long jeans so the ballet boot and the locks are not noticeable.
  12. What kind of planes did you fly? Do they let you where heals on the flight deck lol?
  13. Where if heals when you can’t walk nicely In them isn’t sexy. Practice at home first.
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