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  1. irockthebear

    Super Arch

    I have several pairs of these made by Peter chu. They are really high quality, but still very difficult to walk in.
  2. irockthebear

    A partygirl with highheeled boots

    I wonder where she bought the shoes from because a normal retail store is not going to carry 15cm boots... lol
  3. irockthebear

    A partygirl with highheeled boots

    14cm in 36 is pretty high, any platform? Hot Chick 130mm is probably the highest a normal person can go all night with a little practice. I was in line in front of a woman in purple 14cm or 16cm heels (no platform, boat shoes) at Panera. She was not clearly in pain but her movement was not fluid.
  4. irockthebear

    Extreme block heel Oxfords, where to buy ?

    I had that same issue with Elite-Heels, took over 6 months and they never refunded my money had to file a CC dispute because it was past PayPal claims date. Peter Chu is the only seller I find professional with good communication.
  5. irockthebear

    My new challenge heels

    I was thinking of getting ones with ankle straps, but decided against it because I do not like the way the generic ankle straps look. If I'm getting shoes like these to look good, I'd like them to be stylish as well. If they came with unique or stylish ankle straps, I'd probably get them. I walk in them fine w/o ankle straps, but foot sliding forward is an issue leaving a 0.5" gap behind the heel, ankle strap would help with that. I have noticed that sizing does make a big difference with the arch, Size 9 (40) is practically unwalkable you cant put any weight on the heel. Size 9.5 (41) has a bigger gap between the heel and the sole so its not so flimsy and you can put a little weight on it. I recently ordered a pair of Giaro slick wedges from China, though it has not arrived yet, I'm hoping it is the equivalent shoe with a solid heel, that would help with balance. Sizing is so hit or miss... fingers crossed...
  6. irockthebear

    Extreme block heel Oxfords, where to buy ?

    XL, what is your issue with lapiazza? I was considering placing an order with them.
  7. irockthebear

    My new challenge heels

    I own 2 pairs of these shoes, but made by Peter Chu, they are my fav pair. I'm not sure if I'd trust Ali Express, I bought stuff from them before but was unsatisfied with the quality. The main issue with these shoes is not the vamp, its mostly the balance because of the platform, its hard to not put too much weight in the heel.
  8. irockthebear

    Pony Heels / Shoe Brand?

    This company does not ship to the US, any advice?
  9. irockthebear

    Pony Heels / Shoe Brand?

    We all started there at some point lol
  10. irockthebear

    Pony Heels / Shoe Brand?

    Anyone know the brand, style or where to purchase these heels? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHVzQXmc4Do
  11. irockthebear

    Help Needed With Elite-Heels.com Order, Never Received!

    Ya... but what is that going to do for me?
  12. irockthebear

    Help Needed With Elite-Heels.com Order, Never Received!

    Thanks, Just PM'ed her... will let you know what happens. This is BS though... Im out like $500 of hard earned money... I just find it wierd they dont respond to my IM chats anymore, when before they had my money they use to..... have any of you gotten through to anyone there recently (past 2 months) ? I want to know if they are screwing with me... They dont anwser my Phone calls, emails, & IM's; I msg them everyday, they are signed on daily....
  13. irockthebear

    Help Needed With Elite-Heels.com Order, Never Received!

    I called them on their phone number and no one anwsers.... I contacted AMEX and filed a dispute back in November 2012 and they denied the dispute in JAN 2013 because they said it was past the peroid you can file disputes. They said I could file one in 60-90 days but in this occasion they said it was too long and they cant guantee the credit, they would contact the merchant as a courtesy on my behalf... Freaking bullshit.... I got a letter saying that they contacted the merchant on my behalf and they were unresponsive. AMEX then said I should contact the merchant myself. I remember contacting Elite heels 3 months after payment when I got a little worried, they assured me my shoes would be shipped w/ in the next month!!! but now they dont respond to any corrispondence!!!
  14. Hi I made an Elite-Heels order last year in March of 2012 and still have not received it. Order was around 400+EUR I attempted to contact them many times via email on their website, as well as on yahoo chat. No responses on both. They never respond to my email inqurys and when I message them on yahoo chat, they never anwser and just sign off eventually.... I have waited almost a year and paid this large sum of money and I feel like I got scammed.... I have an invoice and everything... Never received my item and never got a response on inquiry!!! Ordered off the elite-heels website!! Does anyone have any idea what I can do?? Thanks!
  15. Hi I am wondering if there is someone who frequents the forum that is a guru at shoe design. Long story short, I am certain that it is possible to offer shoes like 6inhf and Elite-heels sells for less than they are charging; I have been trying to get a hold of manufacturer(s) directly, but it may be easier if someone here is good at shoe design and wants to take a trip to China. I am not sure this venture will make money so he/she would probably get numerous pairs of shoes for compensation at first, and will be compensated should we break even. I have been researching this a while and there seems to be a market, how big I do not know.... but Im willing to give it a shot; were only going to stock Sz 10-14 and heel heights 6.3-8, so inventory costs/selection will be low. At this point the idea is still venture, but I have all the resources, except an expert to make molds/manufacturing. You guys think its a good idea? Price point will be around $100~ Shoe. I know its possible because for a time 6inhf offered an $80/shoe sale.

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