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  1. Those pumps are amazing!
  2. Before I moved to the UK I used to spend a lot of time in my heels at home, especially during weekends but my ultimate dream would be to have them locked on so I have no choice but to wear them until they are unlocked. Sounds a bit weird but definitely would go for it.
  3. Wearing ballet heels for 24 hours sounds like a nice challenge, I would not mind it especially if I was locked in them and had no choice but to wear them until they are unlocked 🙂
  4. Nice looking ones! Ballet heels are one of my ultimate dreams as well, personally I would prefer to go for knee high ones like these on the picture. Lockable version would be even a bigger fun, just to have them locked on without holding the keys and not knowing when they will be unlocked 🙂
  5. My favourite brand is still Pleaser, especially their Domina range :-) But when it comes to extreme heels I foubd some great ones from Wonderheels, especially padlock ballet boits which I want to try one day :-D
  6. Alexandra Potter is very skilled in walking in them I really admire it. My ultimate dream challenge is to be locked in knee high ballet boots and have to stay in them till I can walk them. So far I have managed to wear and walk in 6 inch heels but want to go higher.
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