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  1. I like these a lot! Btw are the locks real?
  2. Pleaser Dominas are great boots, I had the same and found them comfortable to wear.
  3. I did not have enough place in my luggage :-(
  4. Unfortunately I had to give them away before my moving to the UK but would like to buy another pair. I found the whole Pleaser Domina range very comfortable.
  5. Great choice, I had these as well, they are nice to wear.
  6. For me it was 6 inch Pleaser Dominas, both pumps and boots with no platform. They were not difficult to manage and the feeling was nice :-) I would like to manage higher and ballet boots (with lockable option) are still my big dream.
  7. These would be great to own (and have them locked on)
  8. I found another pair I would be happy to own, love both the look and heel height.
  9. Which pumps do you have? Anyway, I wish you good luck with your progress :-)
  10. That's nice! Would like to try such heels on.
  11. These are really nice! How high is the heel?
  12. I wasn't forced yet but would like to be locked in very high heels with no platform (for example in 14cm Dominas 1023 or even higher) without knowing for how long it will be and made walk in them. Also I would like to try the same with ballet boots. Hope it will happen some day.
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