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  1. Although I prefer high stilettos without platforms my first pair was following one:
  2. This is another nice pair I found and would be happy to have one day:
  3. I am happy as well that I decided to join this forum few years ago.
  4. Hi, I own 3 pairs of 6 inch heels from Pleaser which I wear at home. At the beginning it was quite difficult but once you get used to them they are really fine and the look is great as well. In fact I would not go for lower ones now.
  5. Here another pair I would like to own one day.
  6. Take care, hope things will get better soon...
  7. I tried to google the same link but did not find it. However I found another one, I would say these are the same: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/18CM-locking-boots-sexy-high-heels-boots-high-heels-NO-1810B-code/210962_1636586014.html
  8. Here is another pair of heels I would once like to own (if possible), these with 18 cm heels. Quite challenging but worth of that, I would say.
  9. Hi, I have few dreams that I hope one day may become true. Time (and money) will show if yes or not. Here are 2 pairs that I like a lot. I have similar like these from Pleaser but these have higher heel (about 16cm in comparison to Pleaser 14cm:-) These are quite extreme but I like the design and also the fact they have a real padlock which makes it even more interesting for me that they cannot be put off without unlocking.
  10. All heels I own are 6" high Pleaser Dominas (as for example those in my avatar), I wear them just at home and I am able to walk in them without major problems. In the future I would like to try even higher.
  11. http://www.tacones-altos.net/images/product_images/popup_images/Fetish+Botines+Altos+Charol+Tacon+15+cm+DOMINA-1023_6554_5.jpgthese are my favourites at the moment
  12. I own some pleaser Dominas, all are about 5,5-6 inch and I feel fine in them. I would also like other heels in the future, for example following (about 6,5 inch in my shoe size): http://www.fuss-schuhe-shop.de/epages/64752260.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64752260/Products/%22Pumps-La1919-2443-Vernice%20nera%22
  13. Personally I prefer shoes without platforms, all my heels I have now are about 6 inch stilettos, I love the feel of wearing really high heels.
  14. I think I will go higher this year and probably try even ballet boots. I know it will not be easy but I am not afraid of it:-)
  15. Fully understand, I have it the same, I love the feel as well. For now I do not wear any lower heels than 6 inch and want to go higher, including ballet boots.