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  1. I ordered the same pumps, awaiting their arrival. Love the look
  2. IMO, they have sort of a professional look even though they have a 6-3/4” Heel and a 1-1/4” Platform for a “Real Feel” of 5-1/2”. They have grippy soles which makes it quite safe for walking on wet floors
  3. These are my new Onlymaker Oxfords. Very comfortable. Wore these standing for several hours today with no issues.
  4. Pierre, they 18 cm with 3 cm platform
  5. Spikesmike, I’m waiting for my first order to arrive. I’ll let you know how I make out. Love those heels in the picture with the round toes.
  6. Pierre, yes I am. They are true to size, comfortable and the super arch feels awesome.
  7. Not new but rediscovered in my closet. BEBE 5 inch Double Strap. Worn three different ways. Any favorite look???
  8. I can walk in Ballet's. Toe padding, Toe Padding, Toe Padding. And of course flexible ankles!!!
  9. These are my super arch pumps by Sorbern. It has a 6.5 inch Heel. Very comfortable These are my Super arch wedge heels by Sorbern with 8 inch heel and 1.25 inch platform
  10. Not exactly new but dug these out of my closet for the fall. Bakers 5.5 inch Booties. Very comfortable.
  11. My Other Extreme Heels with 9 inch Heels.
  12. @JKrenzer.......Allie Express...Sorbern Cute Round Toe Women Pump Shoes 16Cm High Heels
  13. Just got these. The super arch makes these very comfortable and the round toe is a bonus.
  14. Lest we forget about Baker's Shoes sister store Wild Pair.....Awesome high heels!!…...Ah..The good old days
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