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  1. I would love if they were even a tad higher! But I won't complain about finding a 5 inch single sole without having to order online
  2. They are 5 inches. I wear a size 11 so it's alittle deceiving
  3. Thanks! I was wearing heels all day the day I bought them so they felt super comfortable when I tried them on at the store. But after trying them on again at home I realized they will definitely need a few hours around the house to be ready.
  4. I got out shopping yesterday to a rather large outdoor mall. Found myself some Sam Edelman (danna) black pumps with a 5 inch heel! It's so nice to find a pair that's not 4 inches
  5. Agreed it will not fix the problem but it should be alittle piece of mind untill if/when the problem gets worse
  6. Other than the sound and the heel tip wearing out quicker from it springing back straight every step I'm sure it's not to big of a deal. Just more of an annoyance.
  7. Oh it's not the steve madden boots those are rock solid. It's the black ankle booties that are a lower quality brand. I didn't notice it in the store on carpet but once on a smooth surface I noticed. I might just try changing to a better heel tip see if that helps.
  8. It's both shoes. And I think it flexes in towards the shoe. I can't imagine it moves more than a 1/16th -1/8th of an inch. It's very subtle but I can hear it when I release weight off the heel
  9. They are very comfortable, just over a 4 inch heel. Although I have noticed the heel flexes just enough that I can hear it slide/ straighten when the weight starts to be released off the heel
  10. I picked up some new steve madden (kare) boots this weekend from nordstrom rack and i wore them out shopping today! I was originally unsure about the orange laces but after receiving 4 compliments on them just today! I don't think I will be changing them out. They are very comfortable I think I might have to order them in the other colors.
  11. I was actually looking through the Sobern heels the other day and thought several of the styles sure do look alot like Peter chu. I'm assuming they must be the same
  12. Got out to dsw for the first time in awhile and picked up these booties!
  13. It's been a busy couple months but things are finally slowing down enough to get some heeling in! Made it out to dsw the other day and i scored these new booties!
  14. My boots from my quick little trip to the hardware store last weekend!
  15. Ive been a member here for years but i never really participated much. Ive been getting back into my love for heels and i ended back here reading everyone's experiences about wearing heels in public. I decided i was going to go out! I decided i will go to a DSW a few towns away. So i got out my nine west black leather booties with about a 4.5 inch heel and a half inch platform and a pair of jeans that cover all but about a half inch of the heel. I got dressed and headed out. Drove 30 min to DSW and parked, sat in the parking lot for a few minutes trying to muster up the courage to get out. Eventually i said screw and just got out of my car and walked into the store. There were maybe 5 people in the store, no one seemed to notice me besides the one sales women who told me all their sizes are on display but they can order other sizes. I didn't really see anything the i had to have, but i did try one a few different heels and walked around in them untill i found the next pair i wanted to try. I ended up leaving and since no one really noticed and all went well i decided to go to Nordstrom rack right down the road. Took me a few minutes to get out of the car again. But i did and went into the back of the store. Unlike DSW's carpet floors Nordstrom has tile floors so my heels were quite loud and i noticed a few women who looked up when they heard me getting close. I browsed through the shoes but didnt see anything for me or my girlfriend. I saw one girl about my age (mid 20s) look down and smiled when she saw my shoes of course i smiled back but that was as far as it went. So i walked out of the store and back to my car. And headed home First time out in heels was a huge sucess. I wish i would have done this sooner!
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