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  1. if you want to email me, with an offer to buy them now, im more than happy to close it for you
  2. No but it might be a bit more for postage tho
  3. im selling them as I don't wear them
  4. my new heels
  5. Where abouts are you?
  6. Thinking of trying to wear my ballet boots for 24hours what would people recommend I should do/get in preparation:) tia
  7. Bit of fun, the last shoes you have worn/ are wearing are what you will wear if a zombie apocalypse broke out what are they? mine a 9 inch heel less heels so imma screwed lol
  8. Spirit in the sky?
  9. You go at the locking zipper ones I'm thinking of getting the same
  10. Thank you at9 im in the uk :), what's happened I brought something after a month it broke so they replaced it free of charge, then 3 months later it has a firmware fault and cannot be fixed my myself, they want it back but won't pay for the postage
  11. If I brought a let's say an electronic item and it broke, if it's still under warranty whom pays for the postage me or the company?
  12. Ain't that what a teaser is? ;P they are sexy a , and they are 5 inches, just waiting for postman pat to bring them and £11.50 brand, which I feel was a very good price
  13. just got these at a steal of a price new!!!