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  1. They are very much
  2. This was the best/ worst thing I've done im shaking like a leaf but WHAT A RUSH
  3. id have them over an easter egg any day :), amazing
  4. i am walking in them wrong ain't I ? Lol
  5. Those are pretty
  6. has anyone else noticed in a few new music videos it seems the norm for hooker heels and shoes? just
  7. VERY, VERY nice tina
  8. Thank you Tina
  9. Here's my new ones
  10. yeah its here
  11. i have a red pair now
  12. I live a short train journey away
  13. my new shoes the ones with the buttons was very very expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a whole great british pound!
  14. They make any heels I wear after wearing them feel like flats,