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  1. hiya Alphax the zipper cam off the 2nd time trying them on (bare legged) and i have semi fixed them so the reason one doesnt fully zip up is they dont have the stoppers at the top so it would just zip off lol they arent leather i know for sure as the site sold them as vegan friendly boots
  2. thank you i felt the boots needed camo pants lol for some reason
  3. they are stiff but you can flex them a tad, the boots are made to your size. i was going to get locking zips but didnt the quality are amazing, i will say one boot the zip came off after one use BUT they paid for the repair, and when that failed again they refunded me and let me keep them, but go for them the reason they took so long to put on is they are a hard shaft boot so they are made to be a real snug fit, you are supposed to put them on standing. one day id love to be able to walk in them, and yes with practise i think i will be able to,. If you stick
  4. One of my 7 inch heeled boots needs a new zipper any recommendations? (In the uk) please
  5. rtbu took 2 months to arrive but they are worth it coming soon
  6. i was the same, and i wasnt going to pay the price for a pair to be made, luckily a friend of mine has the same size feet and was selling them for a fraction of the price so had to have them just to try
  7. i was more thinking painting a ceiling will be good in them lol they are a bit lol
  8. I got them for a really low price and thought why not buy them and have a go, even if I didn't like them I could get my money back easily plus I like the challenge lol
  9. Please post a video of you walking in them pretty please
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