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  1. Ain't that what a teaser is? ;P they are sexy a , and they are 5 inches, just waiting for postman pat to bring them and £11.50 brand, which I feel was a very good price
  2. just got these at a steal of a price new!!!
  3. Does anyone know where to buy the brand bitch pumps from? as I want these
  4. always before payday lol, and i bet when payday comes around my size will be sold out
  5. Gold!!!! Don't forget always believe in your sole.....sorry lol
  6. I only went down the end of the road and back 10metres but I forgot how hard walking outside is in extreme heels that's why it was the worse but the rush when I got back in oh boy
  7. Aliexpress they are the same ones as refuse to be usual but half the cost I have walked 3 steps and they are hard to walk in lol
  8. They are very much
  9. This was the best/ worst thing I've done im shaking like a leaf but WHAT A RUSH
  10. id have them over an easter egg any day :), amazing
  11. i am walking in them wrong ain't I ? Lol
  12. Those are pretty
  13. has anyone else noticed in a few new music videos it seems the norm for hooker heels and shoes? just