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  1. Youtube. What A Resource!

    so this is allowed on hhplace then? as i see it its the same as my video all be it not in my garden! ok maybe "HES" better at walking in them. but Comparably much the same to my video in its context
  2. Youtube. What A Resource!

    Disciplinary Actions: If your post is found by a moderator to have crossed the line, it will be dealt with swiftly, and appropriately. Depending upon the severity of the infraction, you may be warned, have reputation points taken away (By other members as well as moderators), temporarily banned with a warning, or permanently banned. so if you was getting several complaints about my video, surely it should of been dealt with swiftly and appropriately on the first complaint? It's been up since November 22
  3. Youtube. What A Resource!

    See picture below, so if you have have SEVERAL COMPLAINTS ABOUT IT why has it taken you so long to take it off? if you can't handle the job maybe step down and let other people do it...and give this forum a fresh start it needs as it's going stale by power hungry admin
  4. Youtube. What A Resource!

    If my video was classed as fetish. Surely this isn't allowed (love the video FYI)
  5. Youtube. What A Resource!

    So if what you call porn shoes aren't allowed on a site for high heels, then why haven't you commented on the video above mine? Im guessing as it's a female wearing ballet boots it's different? the fact that it was my first time outside in those heels(which is nerve racking enough) is classed as a fetish? I apologise I don't have the courage as other members to go out in public in heels. Also, so it's not ok to share my experience with people on here in video form?, but yet other members are allowed to share their experiences be it pictures or in writing form..... ok so anyone wanting to post on here, make sure you have techs approval first, as only certain people can post on here. he needs to make sure you tick the right boxes.(he ain't as open minded as all the other members on here FYI)
  6. Youtube. What A Resource!

    we don't normally talk about ourselves in the third person. well, with 278,496 views, 636 hours of my videos watched and nearly 1000 subs to my channel (and rising) I must be doing something wrong! my channel is and will always be just some guy in heels, i like what i record and end of the day, that is all that matters. i agree my video editing can be better, i am self teaching myself, how to produce, how to edit videos, lighting etc, as for my other videos of me asking for others to buy shoes, ive only ever asked once, and im only asking my subs to chip in for them. I tell you what, why don't you make a video then? if i'm one of the reasons people think blokes in heels are wrong, make a video and show me and the typesetters, the errors of our ways thank you alphex, bootlover, thank you for you support
  7. Youtube. What A Resource!

    i was only because what the camera doesnt show was the ground is sloped lol
  8. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    hiya Alphax the zipper cam off the 2nd time trying them on (bare legged) and i have semi fixed them so the reason one doesnt fully zip up is they dont have the stoppers at the top so it would just zip off lol they arent leather i know for sure as the site sold them as vegan friendly boots
  9. Who has bought some new shoes

    tina, they look A-mazing
  10. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    thank you i felt the boots needed camo pants lol for some reason
  11. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    they are stiff but you can flex them a tad, the boots are made to your size. i was going to get locking zips but didnt the quality are amazing, i will say one boot the zip came off after one use BUT they paid for the repair, and when that failed again they refunded me and let me keep them, but go for them the reason they took so long to put on is they are a hard shaft boot so they are made to be a real snug fit, you are supposed to put them on standing. one day id love to be able to walk in them, and yes with practise i think i will be able to,. If you stick to your comfort zone then you will never get any better in higher heels
  12. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    as promised here they are
  13. Uk Heelers Info

    im in rugby
  14. One of my 7 inch heeled boots needs a new zipper any recommendations? (In the uk) please