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  1. you are amazing! I dream of having such nice legs and being able to command powerful boots like yours

  2. where you order them and how much?
  3. 9cm
  4. My new 11inch crotch thigh high boots
  5. I want sell this shoes. Write PM about price
  6. I have similar heels, Send me PM
  7. I wait parcel only 10 days.
  8. My new 12inch knee high boots
  9. Delivery is fast, quality is very good more them Pleaser and etc.
  10. My new extreme 9.5inch sandals from Beedheels.com.
  11. You can buy here- http://extremehighheels.net/en/ballet-boots-shoes/54-fetish-leather-ballet-ankle-boots-ballet-2p.html
  12. You can buy these shoes cheaper them Milanoo. Example- http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-shipping-sexy-shoes-high-heel-shoes-genuine-leather-shoes-high-heels-NO-y3004r/600919_894594030.html
  13. Can you upload photo? May be i can help you.
  14. I saw this video. Please write me PM
  15. I will glad test your thigh high 9inch boots Miami-p2. If you make discount it will be good. My video canal -https://www.youtube.com/user/yurikz2008