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  1. hello mint cyrus if you want to chat send me an email to nhoj62@hotmail.com email before you add me on msn that way i know who you are cheers john

  2. pata awesome pictures thanks for sharing them with us! cheers john
  3. a thin base bbq sauce chicken, spicey chicken, beef, ham, sausage, pepperoni(pretty much every meat they have) a smattering of jalapeno's and a light dusting of cheese cooked till golden brown hmmmmmm....Tasty!
  4. spykhlz they are not chap boots they are crotch high boots bootluvr true you could get both looks one work wear, one fun wear cheers john
  5. man does she ever look amazing in that outfit, simply stunning, personally i think the nails look great very original. thanks for sharing them with us pata. cheers john
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