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  1. Glad to hear you’re getting better! Will we be treated to more pictures of them soon?
  2. Stunning outfit. Go for it!
  3. Lovely shoes! They certainly look quite the challenge!
  4. Hey John, I can’t seem to message you any more? I hope everything is ok?! Speak soon M 

  5. Practice practice and more practice. Wear them as much as possible to get you feet used to them. Are you used to heels this high?
  6. Anything can be a bloody fetish! But latex socks seem pretty mundane to me, will have a look through some sites for you Charlotte. X
  7. That could work, or the bags could be left deflated if punishment was in order?
  8. My apologies, I couldn't work out if you were wearing them in this picture or not!
  9. Maybe some kind of ballet boot with boning to stop you bending your ankles? Please keep us updated with your search
  10. I'm glad you think they're achievable. Do they fit very tightly?
  11. I love those Michaela! Sometimes the difficulty doesn't matter if they're that good looking and empowering. Do you think you will get used to wearing them?
  12. Hey, not spoken in ages. Drop me a message if you like? 

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