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  1. id love to see you walking in those cool platforms in my gallery.


    1. 70splats


      These also


  2. I have to disagree on that because having the ethnic background of African American it can be difficult especially of that culture. With that type of background "we" tend to find the smallest thing and scrutinize something that is out of the ordinary. Whether it is fashion, disability, etc. It is harder to go out in the open especially when you are by yourself and no one to stand with you to let you know it is okay to be different. So any time I see some mentioning about wear heels especially platforms always will put a smile on my face!
  3. Congratulations on leaping bounds to getting out there to show off your stuff. For most people it is not an easy task at times for me it never is so again huge congrats!
  4. Hey man cool outfit love your boots at the bottom lets talk some time!!!!
  5. I have bought from them a few times sometimes their orders can be a hit and miss. Vast majority of my shoes I have bought from this store.
  6. Hello everyone just checking to see if there were any new members in Florida that would be interested in meeting up. I know that it is hard for most of us to get out in the open, but if there is anyone out there that is interested please feel free to drop a message here or send a personal message because like the saying goes strength is in numbers. Take care.
  7. You guys thanks you all are always an inspiration to me. I have always been concerned about my reputation, but with the wide selection of shoes I have, I have to wear them out somewhere. So thank you all your stories help push me to go that extra mile.
  8. Well just thought I would add my story to the pot. Well Sunday I decided to go out and get a few pictures in my attire. I was wearing a denim shirt with a red tanktop underneath, skinny jeans and some red and white platform ankle boots. So I decided to do this because I had not been able to wear heels out in a while I was feeling constricted around family members and to get my "rocks" off I thought I would step out of my comfort zone. So I went to the park to get some pictures in I was nervous as hell because it had been a long time since I had been out in heels plus little kids were aro
  9. Thank you!!!!! If you like those check out the rest of my pictures in the gallery. Also I checked out yours as well and you have awesome taste in footwear!!!
  10. Well I'm a huge platform fan. Platforms say show attitude, even more they scream "Look at me". Because they are attention getters and they make my legs look really good. To those who love single soles more props to you but us platform lovers gotta stick together lol!!!
  11. Those look awesome nice choice in boots!!!!! I would definitely show them off if I were you.
  12. I'm actually in Jacksonville we can talk it out some more and find a convenient spot. Hope to hear from you soon.
  13. Hi was just looking to see if there were any new members here in Florida or Georgia area. Just hoping to meet some people within the area that feel the same way as I do about heels. If that is you please drop me a message here or send me a PM hope to hear from you soon.
  14. Wore these to Books A Million and I had to say it felt great did not hear if anyone giving compliments or not because I had my headphones on and kept it moving. Trying to make a goal and do it more frequently so hey gotta start some where right!
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