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  1. A new pair of mine. They are above my limit of walkable height. But fits and feels nice.
  2. Just receive my first pair light Blue boots. I just love them. East to walk in. But I have practiced a lot.
  3. My shoe collection has increased a lot lately and when I counted it was 25 pairs. Now I have to bulid a new closet for the shoes. Ny latest heels are 3 pairs of yellow boots and some orange pairs. I Will show pictutes later.
  4. I received a pair of thoose yesterday from Milanoo. Great quality and fits well. Very satisfied.


    1. Pierre1961


      Great boots. Are they " walkable "? 

    2. delinata


      yes. Heel tight 6.5 inch and that ok for me to walk in. I have 5 to 6 pairs with 7 inch and that half inch is a big difference. Much harder to walk in

    3. Pierre1961


      I agree. I can personally walk easily with 6,5"( size 43 or 11,1/2 us) 

      but higher is very difficult. 


  5. I just ordered thoose boots from Milanoo. They look great. Hope the size is good.
  6. I came out to my Wife 5-6 years ago. I just stepped into the room she were in my 6 inch stilettos. She emidetely accepted that this was important for me. Now I can wear heels a whole evening and we both like it. She is jealous that I can wear up to 7 inch heels without any problem (lot of practice). She likes to but can not. I want to come to my family as well but Im scarred.
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