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  1. delinata : With your choice in extreme high heels, you are with out question, My kind of people.  Love your shoes.  spikesmikeDSCF5256.thumb.JPG.f6d4273582385b56d570a5e4d2b1a872.JPG

  2. I have to work from home due to Corona. Thougt I have to dress up for work.20200330_085635-756x1008.thumb.jpg.bfa8c42ffe445ca3038c2d87893ce0eb.jpg

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    2. Pierre1961


      Wonderful. That’s should be the mandatory dress code for working. 

    3. grunyaheels



    4. spikesmike


      delinata : You know it is pathetic to have to wear such things to work. God knows I love PATHETIC.

  3. Ordered a couple of different boots in English red a beautiful colour. Wiehes by my wife.
  4. I thougt I built it big but ones all shoes where in it got pretty filled up. There are rooms for more heels but not many. Need to bulid another one for more expansion.
  5. Finally I have finished my shoe closet. My wife asked me to build one though the heels were everywhere. Please share some pictutes of your closet.
  6. Now I have finished a closet for all my shoes. Please share your pictutes of your closet.
  7. A new pair of mine. They are above my limit of walkable height. But fits and feels nice.
  8. Just receive my first pair light Blue boots. I just love them. East to walk in. But I have practiced a lot.
  9. My shoe collection has increased a lot lately and when I counted it was 25 pairs. Now I have to bulid a new closet for the shoes. Ny latest heels are 3 pairs of yellow boots and some orange pairs. I Will show pictutes later.
  10. I received a pair of thoose yesterday from Milanoo. Great quality and fits well. Very satisfied.


    1. Pierre1961


      Great boots. Are they " walkable "? 

    2. delinata


      yes. Heel tight 6.5 inch and that ok for me to walk in. I have 5 to 6 pairs with 7 inch and that half inch is a big difference. Much harder to walk in

    3. Pierre1961


      I agree. I can personally walk easily with 6,5"( size 43 or 11,1/2 us) 

      but higher is very difficult. 


  11. I just ordered thoose boots from Milanoo. They look great. Hope the size is good.
  12. I came out to my Wife 5-6 years ago. I just stepped into the room she were in my 6 inch stilettos. She emidetely accepted that this was important for me. Now I can wear heels a whole evening and we both like it. She is jealous that I can wear up to 7 inch heels without any problem (lot of practice). She likes to but can not. I want to come to my family as well but Im scarred.
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