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  1. Welcome Barr. Hope you both enjoy your hobby.
  2. Solo cute. Would love a pair too Call me a simple man, but for me you can't beat the simplicity of CL so Kate's.or these, called hot chick...need a pair right now!
  3. They are fantastic, and you look great in them. I love the heart detail as well. I now want some. Please share the style name so I can search for some
  4. Amazing!, I wish, although I am also a size 6-7, my partner is a 4
  5. Welcome from Somerset Rhys!. You said you tried on her heels?, are you guys similar sizes?.
  6. Ooooh I love flats too. Heels are great, but starting out flats are ideal. I always start in New Look as they have the best selection, but also frequently go to office for something a little more special
  7. Do you already have a YouTube channel dedicated to heels?
  8. Love these, and they do them in my size!. Better get saving!!!
  9. Love the black MJ's!, are they from New Look?. I have just bought the same in a size 7! Love them, and aave worn them loads already..
  10. Excellent!, always good to have a friend that shares the same interests.
  11. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone out there likes buying shoes for other people?. As I cannot enjoy my shoe interest full time, I also love buying nice shoes for friends. I have a couple of friends who are more than happy recipients of new shoes!!!. One even reciprocates occasionally if she has bought shoes she does not wear, or do not fit properly. Does anyone else enjoy sharing their interest around? Looking forward to your comments.
  12. Hi all, been off this site for a while so I thought I'd say hi again. Glad to see you all so well!. Would love to meet and chat with any other UK heel fanatics and wearers. Take care all.. M
  13. Welcome to the gang Jura...from another UK heel lover.
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