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  1. What's wrong with you @pebblesf, go on vacation and don't take any heels? sacrilege!🙃🤣🤣
  2. Looks like you are participating in nighttime lawn aeration @Mitsysun1400
  3. You only need to thin the herd when you have to either retire some shoes or build a new house to hold them. I'm building the new house with a bigger closet.
  4. Still working on that number, but I don't think there is an upper limit. Next time bring more money and get the rest of the toes done. 🤣
  5. It comes from the misconception that 'GAY' means the man is 'effeminate'. While this may be true in some cases, but is not true in most cases. Then people make the false logic converse error, 'effeminate' mean 'GAY" and you add the misconception that 'wearing heels' is 'effeminate' and you see why. People that know me know I am not gay nor effeminate but I just wear heels.
  6. In the last 5 years I have seen about 4 other men in heels. At the hometown boutique that I frequent. the manager tells me she has several men who buy heels. I just wonder if they get the same royal treatment I get. It very rare that I don't wear heels in public.
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