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  1. Huge fan of the Tatiana pumps! I did buy a pair in red snakeskin a while ago but the sizing was strangely awkward (AU10 was too small but AU10.5 was not snug enough). Didn't have the same problem with the regular leather pumps though.
  2. I think my Zoe Wittner Mary Janes are the girliest in my collection (with floral detail but still looks smart without it):
  3. These are my version of the vintage lace up boots picture I sent.

    Not the perfect outfit to wear it with, I have some skirts and dresses that would go better but as Im getting about like this today thought it would be good to get them on and photographed.


    anna fiori lace up boots.jpg

    1. northshoreguy1981


      I think that's a fantastic pairing - you look great!

      Love the cute calf boots...

  4. Hey there.

    I really like your pictures today.

    I have been getting about in heels today... with a new pair of leggins.

    Coincidentally, looking at your headline picture here, mine have some similarities !

    I'm inspired.

    Next time i'm in Sydney I think I will be heading out in public.


    old shoes, new pants..jpg

    1. joshure


      Thanks for your like

      I have seen they are Nine West , Tatiana. Just got off the Nine west Site. I think i almost went berserk when I saw how many variations of these beautiful pumps there are available.



    2. northshoreguy1981


      That's quite a stylish look -and I love the Mary Janes!

      Strapped in a ready to go! :)

      I do have the Tatiana in black and have been considering black patent as well. I also have the Leandra ankle boot which looks similar to Tatiana.

      Urge to buy rising!

    3. joshure


      Yes. Love the straps !

      You are a lucky one. Size 10 1/2 would make it a little easier to buy ones that fit well.

      I'm between 11 and 12 and often buy your size hoping they run large or will stretch, often not the case.

      I'm impressed that you head out and try yours on in store.

      There was a fashion show on SBS a few years back, I think Lee Lin Chin hosted it. One designer said...'you can never have too many stilettos'  I like her !

      Then there is the fact that less is more.

      Where is the balance...is there such a thing ....... 'Urge Rules'




  5. I haven't bought shoes for others directly but I have given excess shoes to a friend who could gain much more benefit from them than me. She has also given me shoes she bought that found too high for her. Planning to go shopping together next year in winter
  6. Or what about people who don't identify as either male or female? Tinder just managed to expand its original choices of male and female to 37 gender identities after copping flack from its users, some of which were unfairly banned for their identified gender. Does pose a bit of juxtaposition for a site championing heel wearing for all.
  7. I eat according to a vegan diet. There are plenty of yummy things to eat! Vegan food isn't all about emulating meat (although there are some excellent mock meats and non-dairy cheeses out there).
  8. Yes, my avatar is very much me My avatar is currently me wearing a pair of dark purple Tony Bianco heels.
  9. Or you could use a mail forwarding service like comGateway which will give you a US address and a web interface to manage your parcels for forwarding to Australia.
  10. Feels pretty sturdy to me and surprisingly comfortable! Walking in them is a little different compared to a stiletto under the centre of your heel.
  11. Inspired by @heelsareme I went and bought myself a pair of Nine West Leandra ankle boots in black with a set-back heel. Originally AU$169.95 they had been reduced to $109.95 and, for today only, they were reduced by another 30% bringing them down to $76.96 - bargain!
  12. ... cos if you take two steps at a time, that's called jumping
  13. If you've got it , flaunt it, I say. People may drop comments that others may look really old/young/out of shape/fit for their age but those are preconceived social norms. @CAT what shoes are they? They are fantastic!
  14. Welcome, hope you enjoy being on the forums Don't worry about whether or not you go out in public yet - I personally don't but it'll happen when it happens!
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