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  1. hello there

    this is Alicia

  2. I don't see any problem wearing the 402's all day. Personally, I could very easily.. The only solution for you is to try them... Enjoy..... Megan Vicious Higheels
  3. I'm curious, as is my B/F, is Pleaser going increase the sizes to 10,11,etc for these 9 inch Infinity's & 10 inch Beyond's I myself have no problem with the present sizes, for me a size 8 is perfect, but my B/f he wants a size 11. He already has size 11's in 5,6,7,& 8 inch heels of various Pleaser styles. They should do it, they would a huge amount of sales in the larger sizes.. I'd hope to see an 11 & 12 inch heel from Pleaser, they could even have a naming contest for them. That would be fun.... Lots of heeling fun, Megan
  4. I can heel - toe walk very easily on 5,5 inch stiletto heels , no problem :pulsingheart: I find extremely high wedges are the easiest to learn on...Practice with them...They are lot more stable,but that's me.. Try the average trendy wedge on the market heel height 7 inch with a 2 inch platform seems to be the norm for our summer here...I should know ,just bought another 10 pairs of very high wedges :happy: :happy: :pulsingheart: :pulsingheart: ...
  5. 6.5 inch is my limit with no plats as my foot size dictates that to me :pulsingheart:.. I have tried 7 .25 inch heels but my full weight of me ( about 60 kilos ) is right on my toes only,not a good thing :nono: .. Maybe in short burst walking around which I've done, but alright in the bedroom though :evil1: .. The Scream heels in my profile pic are a 6.5 inch heel.... I can handle wearing them for up to 6-8 hours,done this on many occasions out and about...Mind you the heels these days are slightly out alignment,but they are still good for getting around in... :pulsingheart:..
  6. Different that's for sure...I would not try to walk in them .....In the bedroom is where I would wear them :pulsingheart: :pulsingheart:
  7. Making the toe hole larger,never thought of it before.. There's another trend thats coming back next year.... ," the keyhole toe " lot smaller than the peep toe ,as the word implies "keyhole"...You get my drift.... This fashion trend was around last winter just gone here in Aus...Well what the hell,I dont mind it..Got a pair very high platform heels with the key-hole toe... As for making the hole larger ,well I'd say ,it'll be a good challenge with out doing major damage to the shoe.. Be easier to buy bigger toe hole shoes,maybe... i'll leave it to you guys... I like my keyhole heels... Megan...VHH
  8. Yes I agree with you...Not for walking on floors but walking on someone's body or body-parts maybe..Now there's an evil thought
  9. Easy solution,he should simply buy his own heels in his size... My B/F doesn't wear mine simple reason I'm a size 6.5, 7, 7.5AU size, he is 10.5 -11.5AU womens sizes,depending on brand He's got his own 61 pairs,but he still does likes to play with mine.I don't mind.. Vicious HH
  10. Hi,I got mine through Pleaser..They are Devious Screams My avatar show the 7" heel with no Plat ...Check the Pleaser web site...
  11. Sure ,why not...My B/F has his own 81 pairs of heels, I kid you not.Most are 10 cms + heel height too...That's 4"+.. @ last count 60 pairs are over that height He looks quite yummy in his heels.. No I do not have a problem men wearing highheels Megan
  12. My " Highest Heel Collection" " Red Slicks "I got 7 pairs of red ,2 black and 1 white.. I wear my reds to death ...Love 'em Love Megan PS Happy 2012
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