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  1. Hi Ramon, I really like them, are they from Stravers and what size do you wear, I am from Alkmaar and have lots of shoes and boots if you would like to meet up some day! Timgh44@gmail is my address if you would like to make contact!
  2. timgh44

    Ballet Flats

    I have three pairs of Italian flats that are very comfortable and look great with jeans.
  3. Katie is from Ohio and is very real. I have been relating to her thru e mails and she is very nice and interested in our hobby of wearing womens shoes.
  4. timgh44

    Ballet Flats

    I would love to slip into those and the rest of your shoes, you have good taste!
  5. Just wonder what size shoe you wear, I like your taste in clothing also.
  6. timgh44

    Ballet Flats

    Me too, and I love wearing them with jeans!
  7. I love to try them on in front of the owner, it has always been straight forward and normal.
  8. I am ready to meet some heeling guys,Tim Just saw your post or I would have been there, want to meet soon? I live in NH and would love to share my heel passion with some one with the same feelings, Tim I am near Amsterdam and am ready to meet some guys with the same passion, I have lots of shoes, flat, heels and boots. Tim
  9. I can only say we have the same taste, luv the boots and your whole look. Tim from Amsterdam
  10. I like them very much. looks good with jeans. I have some Italian , same style and very comfortable for wearing in Amsterdam! Hi, these are my Jacobelli pumps. What do you guys think? Hi, these are my Jacobelli pumps. What do you guys think?
  11. HI, I hope you can get some better pics of those loafer heels, I would love to see them better, thanks Tim
  12. timgh44

    Ballet Flats

    I am a flats lover, they are so comfortable!
  13. Hi Back to you, you like womens shoes also?
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