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  1. @jeremy1986 I love the heels!!! never had strappy heels usually go for a classic pump loving the colour too.
  2. Yesterday I received parcel which was left at the front door. My wife brings it in for me as she got home from work first. She asks me what it is. I said its just another pair of heels. She's like don't you have enough pairs already. hahah which I do she's right. she doesn't like my heel wearing but puts up with it. I made it well clear when we started dating that I love heels and that she needs to love all of me. any who these are the heels I got $15usd as 75% off. really well made too. Already planning and outing in them..
  3. I had a girl ask me once to try my heels on she must of been early 20's and asked if she could try on my 5" platform stilettos. I said sure why not so she did and way to big for her but it was fun that she didn't judge me, liked my heels and wanted to try them on. Wish all people were that accepting.
  4. heres an interesting video. from earlier this year so you all might know about it already. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5773315/businessman-sydney-australia-high-heel-money-supermarket-ad/
  5. Hi all, Thanks for the words of encouragement. I wore my heels to the dentist today :D Heres how it went down. I drove down to the dentist and sat in my car for a while, feeling a bit sick and nervous I finally grow some balls and walked in. There was the receptionist at her dest and a lady in the waiting room. They had hard wooden floors so they both would have known i was wearing heels. Nothing was said to me. When i went into see the dentist she had a look of shock on her face, she definitely had seen my heels and skin tight jeans. Normal conversation took place, about how was your da
  6. Has anyone out there warn high heel stilettos to the dentist before? i went out in public the other week in them but when it came time for my appointment i was abit affraid to wear them while sitting in the dentist chair. It could have been a distraction or uneasy for the female dentist. last thing i want is her to slip with the drill haha. Thoughts?
  7. Hi All, Is anybody interested in meeting in perth western australia? Look forward to hearing from you.
  8. I forgot to mention, the usual stock size at Number 1 shoes is size 10 us. i have seen some larger sizes but not often. Have you bought any new heels lately? cheers blacksheep

  9. thank you have done shopping in there before, sales assistant was very helpful

  10. Hi, Check out Number 1 shoes. most of their shoes are around $30.00 with some as much as $60.00. they have a wide selection of shoes and boots. heel hieght up to 6" with platform. they have 13 stors in Auckland and have a website http://www.numberoneshoes.co.nz/products/womens-shoes/heels?p=4

  11. Aye its really good to know about another heeler our age.Ill keep an eye open for you lol

  12. havent heeled there but have tried on heels in front of other customers there. i prefer pumps apose to boots myself. good to know some one else my age on the shore.

  13. hi,wow really didnt think theres any other heelers around my area.well taka explains why Ive never seen you lol.I normally heel anywhere,latest place was albany at the warehouse.

  14. hello from 23year old male from new zealand

  15. hello, where do u reccomend getting large sized heels from nz excluding heels.co.nz they so expensive

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