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  2. That is a good criteria to use when buying. I hold to it, and have never been let down.
  3. I like them, pointy toe box, with block heel and nice shape. Nice boots. But I like also your legs, looks very good in this shinny oantyhose and the miniskirt - stylish
  4. To shift gears for just a moment, here's an update on the Alaïa sandals I bought, mentioned last week in the "new shoes" thread. To recap, they are very nice, and pretty much just what I wanted, but a little tight. I have now worn them 3 times, and they're loosening their grip a bit. I think they'll be fine after a few more wearings. On the first wearing, which only lasted about 30 minutes, they were tight to the point that it was difficult to get them on. Upon the second wearing, I applied a good amount of water to the parts of the one strap that is tight (right around the outside toes) and wore them for about 2 hours, plus walked a mile in them. That helped a lot. The third wearing, pictured below, did not involve a lot of walking, but was about 3 hours. They are still snug, but much different than a week ago. I think if I keep on them, they will actually become comfortable.
  5. hiddenheels, Thanks for finally joining the forum! Our members run the spectrum from transgender and transsexual to heterosexual men just wanting to wear heels either at home or in public. Still others, like myself, enjoy blending both more feminine clothing with mens or androgynous styles to create a look having elements of both or presenting completely as a woman. It is a transformation like in a play or movie and can do wonders for the soul. No desire to actually get an operation rather the desire to cross the boundary, enjoy a day or two or a night wearing exciting clothing in bright colours and then change back into my normal rural guy mode. What our members share in common is a the high heeled shoe and where we might wear it, what we may wear it with, and how all of this enhances our lives. What conflicts you is how society generally affords women full latitude in wearing whatever they want. They wear everything associated with women and a lot things associated with men. They wear lots of makeup or none at all, wear heels or not, show their legs and arms or not, wear wide watches or thin watches and carry handbags of all imaginable sizes and colours whether or not their pants or dresses have pockets. By contrast men don't seem to have the same latitude. But it only seems that way. Few, if any nations outside the Islamic world. specifically prohibit men from wearing womens attire. Men simply choose not to explore their curiosity lest they catch the wrath of a bogeyman who never materializes. I have met several of our members here and have had lovely experiences with all of them. Just so you know it's not made-up internet bullcrap. I have visited mlroseplant a few times and he wears his heels everywhere in small-town Iowa and nothing bad happens. I've seen him in heels and he's seen me and so has his family. I have visited Steve63130 and his wife in Ohio several times wearing rather tall heels and a blended look as described above and had nothing but positive experiences. I have met with Cali in California twice and seen his love of heels and he's seen mine. We are office workers, people in the trades, retired law enforcement, medical personnel, factory workers, politicians, etc. None of us could explain exactly why we like heels except that it is in DNA. So, go with it!! Heels may make you a better person, a better lover, or a better friend. They will undoubtedly make more aware of fashion and perhaps make you more polite. Those are all GOOD things. If you love your partner with all your heart, respect your fellow human beings, the animals, and plants around you then high heel shoes/boots should never impede your ability to enjoy your time on This Earth. This last bit is very important. You will sort through it and figure out where you you fit into the overall scheme of things. Just do it with confidence and the world shall take note of it. Remember, the world is NOT either for or against you rather it is utterly neutral. But the world does notice and tends to respect confidence. Confident people are often successful people but success can only occur as a result of confidence in one's own ability. Ability to look into others' eyes, dress oneself to match one's mood, and stride confidently out the door and demand to be counted as an individual. You have a right to express yourself via your clothes but that right must be exercised to be enjoyed and defended. It's all up to you! HappyinHeels
  6. She also says whenever trying on heels to purchase, if you can run in them, sold!
  7. Aniston is noted for wearing wedges not only in movies but also in her daily life. She is seen with Sandler on the promo cover for "Just Go With It", as well as at the very end of "We're the Millers" in the back yard when they meet their new neighbours. Since I love wedges I have always liked seeing her wear them. She has commented many times that she goes for casual comfort and wedges are perfect in the mild climate and sunshine of Southern California. I am satisfied with my collection of wedges and can only imagine what hers looks like. She looks good in everything. It's a shame her relationships haven't gone well. HinH
  8. Hello @hiddenheels i share, as many others here I think,most of your feelings. Except one: As you I am not interested in women clothes. I always wear my heels with jeans. Boot cut if the choice is to hide them,or skinny if not. And when I look at myself in the mirror I find the look perfect. That may not be what the other people taste. But I think then we are only facing our well known stereotypes problem. I don't know where you live in Canada. I will be in Toronto early November and would be happy to meet for a drink if you wish Pierre
  9. I would love to reply to this at length, but alas, it is late Sunday night, and 4:30 Monday morning is approaching rapidly. Give me a couple days to reply. Hang in there!
  10. Thanks! I am really happy with them. They have the high heel feeling to them, it doesn’t upset my wife, and they fit perfectly like custom shoes should. I was at the store out in the country here today and an older lady asked me about the heels and liked them. I think they are different enough from anything you’d find off the shelf that there is no association with anything negative. It’s a pretty fresh design for anyone who actually notices.
  11. I agree on this point. When I have worn chunky/block heels I feel like I’m clopping along and not very fluid or graceful. My knees seem to take more of a beating. But I will say I also do not have a problem with weak or wobbly ankles.
  12. Mlrose..... I am with ya on the thong sandal style!! Of all the heels and flats that I have, I prefer and have more of the thong style than any other shoe style. I have always preferred the thong look, even as a little kid. The minimal look and feel of a thong sandal is akin to going barefoot but having my feet protected at the same time. I have wedgies, kitten heels, chunky heels, slip-ons - you name it, all thong styles. But unlike you, all of the heel heights are below 3 inches, 'cause I'm too tall already! The past few years I have also noticed the lack of choices having the "thong" style. I don't want platforms, or ultra high heels, I just want a "regular" nice looking thong sandal that fits well, and is comfortable. Yes that IS possible.... Maybe some day I will round up all of my thong styles for a photo shoot and post it here, within the 100 mb (kb? - I'm not high tech) limitation of course.... Have fun all.... sf
  13. With the general attitude toward Facebook along with some other big tech by the Government, I suspect it won't get launched. If it does, I'm inclined to think it won't last.
  14. Loving those boots!
  15. Well, I think you have made a great deal of progress for sure. Keep wearing your boots publicly, not wanting to reveal this to friends/family is totally understandable. The important thing is that you have revealed it to your wife, she is most important. The wife loves you for sure, she is willing to accept your love of heels, even though she seems to be uncomfortable with it. It is important to put the wife's feelings first...Don't rush her, don't make her uncomfortable by trying to nudge her into situations she is not comfortable with. Time and patience is the key to acceptance. I'm hoping someday the wife will tell you she likes the way you look in your boots/jeans... It is important to remember that men were the first to wear heels a few centuries back, somehow things got flipped around over time. Every guy who has the courage to venture out publicly in heels will help "normalize" this fashion statement so that other guys will be more comfortable exploring their hidden desire to wear heels. We mistakenly think that "all eyes are on us" when we first venture out in heels. I guess we feel this way only because we are keenly aware and do notice nice heels on women, and would be thrilled to see a guy wearing heels in public. But, the truth is most people are way to busy to notice what we are wearing. Some people do notice, but most are too polite or timid to say something or compliment us. You never would have convinced me of this a few years back....But, now that I wear my boots publicly fairly often, I realize it is true.
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