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High Heels Backless Open Toes Shoes

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I live in this shoes during the weekends; they're my "run around and do errands in" heels.


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I remember the "springolator" styles when I was a kid.  Lots of gals wore them, including my 9th grade English teacher.  She looked fantastic in her slides.    

I really like the look of that style of sandal, and I actually have two similar pairs.  They are not springolators (I wish they were) but I still enjoy these for public wear.  The look is clean and simple, they slip on and off easily, plus they are comfortable and fun to wear.  One pair is by Naturalizer and the other is from Payless - I don't remember the style names of either.  

It's fun to wear high heels!  Happy Thanksgiving to all.....    sf



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