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  1. I live a short train journey away
  2. my new shoes the ones with the buttons was very very expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a whole great british pound!
  3. They make any heels I wear after wearing them feel like flats,
  4. i now know it wasnt a good idea cooking in them but i was hungry and didnt want to take them off,i have some practise to go in them but this was the 3rd night wearing them and at the beginning i couldnt even stand in them, im getting on quite nicely i think they aint that bad........but im guessing thats not what you ment lol
  5. me attempting to cook in the red beasts
  6. i collect the figurines, some are very funny like these
  7. i want these
  8. hola fran welcome
  9. I can see where everyone's coming from, and I understand people's views, i brought them because, they looked different from any other shoes in my size, the fun is learning to stand and walk in them, as lower heels don't have the same effect for me now, and I want be able to wear higher heels
  10. tried typing in the picture link but didnt work
  11. The picture doesn't work
  12. they are on i had to wait for the right time to enjoy wearing them.......they are definitely sitting shoes for a while lol
  13. they have arrived cant wait to try them on