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  1. Fab new Mary Janes in the collection
  2. Devious Dagger-12 pump in black patent _ dangerous and sexy and sure to photograph well!!
  3. Nice, and I know you are a boots guy but I think a nice pair of peep toe pumps would be even nicer!
  4. Great shoes there and the skinny jeans really show them off. Incidentally I just purchased a pair of black suede Mary Janes like yours from a store here (Betts)_12.5cm heel and 1cm concealed platform which I will team with skinny jeans also.
  5. Awesome!! Did you hit the town in them?
  6. James what a bummer. Hoping you make a speedy recovery and you get back into your awesome collection!
  7. Mmmm not sure about them _ heel very 'clunky'. Presume you didn't purchase?
  8. Love the pumps and look like they were a great fit!
  9. Such a pity Zu went out of business! Shopped there a lot. Pity the parent company Betts didn't continue some of the serious heels. Agree with other black leg attire would be the go or very washed out denim. Great boots though !! More storage required !!
  10. No hiding those booties!! Bet they attracted some attention!
  11. Absolutely delicious _ colour and style. I thought I was done with serious platforms but I'm thinking otherwise ! Great purchase.
  12. Great purchase and loving the suede look!
  13. 'Boss in boots'??? 'Boss in boots' ?? Nice James
  14. I think we should take a deep breathe and get over the cross dresser thing as the fashion world has blurred things to the point that pretty much anything goes. In reality if we choose to wear an item of clothing that is 'normally ' aligned with the opposite gender then we choose to cross dress. But so what, from what I have observed that's cool in the fashion world. Girls shop for shirts and jeans tailored and marketed as 'boyfriend styled' and I recently purchased a pair of guys jeans branded 'girlfriend ' jeans! One of the secretaries at work wears very male orientated suits ( with stiletto heels mind) and not a word is said . I wear high heels (Occassionally) to work with basically guys pants, shirt, jacket etc and whilst it's regarded as 'different' no one is complaining or inferring I'm a girl or gay or whatever. the important thing is that you are true to yourself and if you choose to wear high heels do so without fear of being labelled this or that!
  15. Nice Shyheels Another example _ my partner and I were having coffee this morning and she passed comment on the girl serving " those RM Williams boots ( a guys cattlemans boot) look great with what she's wearing ( mid length skirt & blouse)". To which I replied " so why do you have a problem if I wear my high heel boots with jeans?". To which she replied"they are girls shoes". To which I replied " and her boots are??" Pretty much all one way traffic when it comes to blending fashion!