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Please don't laugh me off this site.  This question came from a non-HHP member, a friend from a former site that some of you know.

Does anyone know anything about Ballerine flats by Softstar?


Again, please don't laugh me off this site




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Ballerina flats are my go to slippers. If only because everything beats flipflops. I do not know the brand but ballerina flats are a dime a dozen. Even the foldup once. Easy to get everywhere

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As with personal finances, it is good to be diversified.  When it comes to my gals shoes, they are as diverse as can be. Sandals, closed toe, heels, flats, you name it.  As for the flats, my most fav pair are “Tieks,” a wonderful - but pricy, all leather shoe that comes in many colors.  Very versatile, but simple and good looking.  

I am unaware of the flat you spoke of, but take a look at Tieks. And stay diversified.  

Have fun...   sf

"Why should girls have all the fun!!"

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