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Work and Heels


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On 5/23/2023 at 1:24 PM, Jkrenzer said:

They are, provided it's an up and down day. I wouldn't be able to walk or stand 8 hrs in these in all honesty. 

These are a hot trend on alliexpress right now. They are obviously Chinese which is why I pushed the heels hard before plunging into more colors.

Once the heel tap is worn I'll insert a cap screw tap for replacement. They'll be very loud of course but won't require constant replacement. Besides, who doesn't want to be seen and heard anyway. 

My personal test for heels is my wife's farmer's market booth, and that's only 5 hours of 95% standing. If I can work that in relative comfort, then I have something there. I have not been brave so far this year, sticking with effective 3 inch heels.

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