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Heels outside at home

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This is one a them things I freely admit I don't understand. For me, wearing heels is all about fluidity and grace (still workin' on that myself), and this is pretty much the opposite. 

Let's face it, anybody could walk across a yard and trash their shoes like that.  On the other hand, if a person could walk across that same yard without having their heels sink in, not get a speck of dirt on the heels, and look graceful doing it, now THAT would be impressive! But, to each his own. 

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My guess is that it may be a fetish, but I'm afraid I don't share it. But I agree, to each his own. 

Years ago (1995 maybe?) I attended a beach wedding and many of the women wore high heels which sunk into the sand. It looked like they were wearing ballet flats with the toes sticking upward. No graceful fluidity there!


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Last May another member here and myself participated in the Walk a Mile event in Sacramento CA.  This year the event location was changed from a street area to large city park, yes read grass, lots of grass..

When I arrived I thought that this is gonna be challenging, the sandals I had planned on wearing had kitten heels and I certianly did not want to ruin the shoes. Fortunately the ground was dry and firm, with few exceptions.  In those places I took the akward and uncomfortable route of walking on my tiptoes and looking very ungraceful, sort of like what mlroseplant described  

I did mention to the organizers that having a high heel specific event in a grassy area may not have been the best idea.  

In the end it all worked out, a bit of discomfort but the sandals survived, that was good since they are my favs.   

Take care all.....  sf

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