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So as things continue to progress, I started thinking about getting some gloves. Now I've always wanted a pair, shoulder length leather, but seeing as how those aren't the easiest to get on and off in winter time when wearing sweaters, I decided I should look at more practical options.

The problem I have is that I'm not familiar with any decent leather glove manufacturers.

So does anyone have any recommendations? I definitely want leather, and as for lining, I don't necessarily have a preference. I'm looking for some that are no more than elbow length, if that.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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I have poster before that gloves were my first attraction to women's clothing, long before heels and have also noted that thigh boots are opera gloves for the feet.

My thinking on gloves is similar to my thinking on boots: you shouldn't hide them.  Long gloves (opera or shoulder length) should be worn with a short sleeved or sleeveless top.  As for wearing long gloves out and about, after all these years I still have trouble getting out of the car when I'm wearing them.  I'll go anywhere wearing thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels but the long gloves still slow me down.  Part of that is because long gloves are a formal fashion accessory that is a little much for the grocery store of thrift shop and also because I don't want to ruin an expensive pair of long leather gloves with a stain from a gas pump.

As for where to buy gloves, a lot depends on your hand size.  Just like large sized heels, large sized gloves are hard to find.  Measure your hand around your knuckles.  Gloves are measures in inches and I'm a 9.25. 


A 9 should fit me nicely as the leather will stretch a bit.  Most makes largest size is 8.5 and fit (like shoes) varies from maker to maker.  Glove length is measures in "buttons" which is the length from the base of the thumb so an over the elbow opera length glove is 16 buttons but many makers list the length from the tip of the middle finger to the end of the glove so an opera glove is about 23".  This measurements accuracy also varies from maker to maker.  I have long arms so a 16 button glove just passed my elbow whereas an opera glove should reach mid way between the shoulder and elbow.

Although leather gloves are wonderful to wear, don't ignore cloth gloves.

Here are some of my recent purchases:

These will really stretch to shoulder length gloves:


These are inexpensive gloves that reach just to my elbow:


These are great gloves but they ran small (8.5 fit like a 7.5) and I had to give them away:


For a shoulder length (80cm) gloves for a larger sized hand try (I have not purchases these):


:wavey:  <--wearing gloves




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I don't think anything compliments a pair of boots better than a matching pair of gloves, must be women's as they fit tighter, go for a short leather jacket aswell, will look fab, try tk maxx, i got some great ones from there 

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I do happen to have some experience with long leather gloves in large sizes.

Top of the line would be Ines Gloves from the Netherlands:  https://www.inesgloves.com/collections/womens-gloves

There are also eBay merchants from Hong Kong and Poland, although you takes your chances with those.  A pair I ordered from Poland came smelling of cigarettes and the wrist buttons fell off after one wearing.

I'm starting to think that an elastic gore, lacing or a belt around the top is a good idea to prevent or reduce slippage that will be familiar to anyone who's worn thigh-high boots.

You can find both lined with silk or fleece, or unlined.

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Kneebooted, i can recommend this company for some very good gloves of any style and size. They have a good selection in the various venues, as well they also do custom made gloves to meet your style and interests. From Los Angeles.


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I just received these 80cm gloves custom made.  It only took a couple of days to have them made and shipped, the other couple of weeks was transit.  There was no additional charge for the customization.

They fit... like a glove.  



Unfortunately the temperatures today are headed for the 90sF (33C) so leather boots and gloves are for an air conditioned area.  I'm still not sure I like this image for public presentation, but it sure does feel good to wear.  I was into gloves long before I was into boots so this is coming full circle.  I had another pair of long gloves that I posted about long ago and I literally wore them out.  I think I will cut off the fingertips of those  gloves and make them fingerless.  I could even play guitar with them on. :penitent:

They also make these gloves in suede.:wub:

I have always thought thigh boots were opera gloves for the feet.



This white satin top and mini skirt show off the gloves


and make them easier to pull on and off.

But still not good for 90F weather. :penitent:


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