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  1. Whenever you have a particular thing, whatever it is that seems to be "taking over your life" in some way. A therapist is an invaluable resource to help sort it all out.
  2. I squeeze myself into some pretty tight jeans and jeggings Girlfriend jeans are a great idea.
  3. There are a whole lot of people on this spectrum and yours is a great example. Some people are also gender fluid, gender non-conforming and a-gender and those folks all have various and unique styles that they prefer (as we all do) I think it is awesome that you choose to help society and get out there and be different. Society needs a lot more of that.
  4. Cali - you always have such a great selection of shoes.
  5. I love flip flops in the appropriate places. Casual places, beaches, out shopping and having fun it up with pals, even casual office wear in the warmer months. If the fashion designer is showing those types of clothes, than yeah flip flops work. There are many places they are not really good to wear. The key as with all sandals is to keep your feet in great condition. Also there are some quite nice and more elegant flip flops than foam and plastic. There are leather ones, embossed ones, cool colors, braided leather etc.
  6. Sorry that happened to you. Breakups indeed suck, no matter what the circumstances. The best advice i can give is to get back on that horse and get out there and date. I'm a trans woman and as my wife and i became more friends that romantic partners, i got out there and met a great guy. There is a lot more than one or two people out there that are great for us, there are actually many.
  7. Even at the hottest parts of the year in Oregon's central valley when the temp get's close to 100, the evenings rapidly cool off, usually into the 60s if not the 50s Fahrenheit. So theoretically wearing boots works fashion wise for any evening. Personally once the daytime highs reach the 75-80 mark, i ditch the boots most of the time. My summer wear is mainly sandals, wedge sandals, block heel shoes, flats or converses. (with actual athletic shoes reserved for athletics)
  8. Nice jeans! I have a few boot cut pairs but must confess that mainly i wear skinny or boyfriend jeans.
  9. All the time. I have many different types of the same shoe as an example.
  10. The term "well healed" was meant to distinguish those that were wealthy enough to own more frivolous footwear, that would never have survived slogging through the mud to feed the pigs etc. Having said that there were still some fairly flamboyant men's wear even into the 20th century. Top hats, coats with tails, white tie wear, walking sticks. The colors were fairly subdued for the most part but not always. It was very fashionable to wear a white straw "boater" hat well into the century and that often had a nicely colored band. Summer wear for men could include things like white jackets The working class and the poor class have always had challenges in dressing to fashion until clothes became more mass produced and cheaper. Today clothes as a percentage of expenditures is lower than ever, when things like food and housing has continued to climb.
  11. Yes i love my Maxx out Wedges too.
  12. Retail is a tough game. I've noticed DSW and Famous Footwear stores seem to be pretty busy lately.
  13. I'm a trans woman but i have been doing my toes in polish way back, including when i was pretending to be a guy. I get pedicures about every 4-5 weeks. This week i am rocking this sort of pink/coral color.
  14. Very into wedges - we had some nice weather here yesterday so i wore some pretty but lower wedges with my outfit. Rocking a new pedicure too. That felt nice.
  15. Sandal, slides, mules and converse season is coming
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