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  1. Good for you Jeff, that is awesome! Your regimen is a great way to go, cut out junk and sweet stuff and it does drop, add in exercise and bang there it is. You look fabulous in that April 28th photo, really good fit ! Yes once the weight is off it is hard to maintain that fine size. But once you have the feeling of nice outfit , it brain locked and that is motivational. It is very easy to slip back and forth between active and non active states. Keep it up, everything to strive for. I commend you on your success and inspiration for the rest of us! Mtnsofheels.
  2. I agree, AG Jeans are the my most recent favorite jeans. Recently bought "The Farrah" skinny in "10years grey" and they are by far my the best ones I have bought now. I also have "The Prima" by AG which are fabulous too. The Farrah is a high waisted stretch denim and super comfy, I also have the "The Farrah Black leather jeans" and astounding. Many brands are super good, just finding one that fits your body is key. AG, Paige, True Religion and more, and they are fun to try on in store.
  3. Coming from a cooler place in western Canada, it can be boot weather a lot of the time. However, I do notice that I am adjusted to cooler temps generally so when the mercury rises into the 22C/ 70F it gets to be too warm for me in boots. At the other end of the scale, like this past winter it was -20c/ below 0F many days and then it is just too cold to wear any nice knee high boots. In fact, anything below -5C for any period of time is nasty for the toes. April through most of June and then from end of August to mid-Nov. As several have said which I absolutely agree with is, when I want to we
  4. Kneebooted, i can recommend this company for some very good gloves of any style and size. They have a good selection in the various venues, as well they also do custom made gloves to meet your style and interests. From Los Angeles. https://gaspargloves.com/
  5. Just caught up to the styling and swapping clothes theme. Here is a link which a Vancouver Photographer has done much work with couples and switching clothing that I found very interesting. Check it out! If anything it is a photographic portrayal of switching versus switching up the Unisex fashions. The concept is great though! http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/10/switcheroo-crossdressing-portraits/
  6. Yes they are, probably the nicest footwear I own.
  7. Hi UKsensation, I know of one shop that makes custom shoes and boots that is located in San Bernardino. The quality is fabulous and leathers are very fine. I have ordered several pairs from them and have been super happy with them. Here is there website. https://shoesusa.com/
  8. Hi Megan, how high were your heels by chance? Good for you if you doing that.
  9. Hi HeelsWearer, I have not thought of it those terms, you have brought that to light for sure. But I have thought about vehicles coming at me in a crosswalk or a fire, even an issue with Earthquakes. But not regarding a shooting..new consideration. I recall when the Earthquake hit Christchurch a couple of years ago and one of the users here on HHPlace told of the scene where he had to escape through rubble and junk in heels to get to a safe area. But as much as these things are now everywhere, hard to prepare for every potential out there, before a person gives up and just goes ahead with
  10. Hi Thighmax, In the last couple of years I have rekindled my liking for bodysuits for a clean look paired with nice jeans and some heeled shoes/boots. Years ago I tried them and found them hard to find in my sizes except for dancing companies that sold them. Recently (last year) I too found Bodysuit.com as mentioned that is a great place to buy a body suit for men. The sizing is good but I did find that a string/thong bottom often rides up and is above the waist or top of jeans, so the full bottom is much better. I have also bought one or 2 of their selection from the ladies side as well. They
  11. Good for you BigFoot! That sounds like a fabulous adventure for almost a full day, what a dream! Utmost respect and kudos to your wife for allowing you to be you and to venture out with you on a fun night. It is quite a journey for us to finally bring yourselves to be open about our inner secrets. I have found that I have sometimes forgotten about my other half/wife/partner who also has to do a similar journey to accept us us for who we are. As much as it took us to bring it up be open we also have allow our partners/wives/ and S.O.'s to digest and accept us for who we are. I know I sometime
  12. That is awesome, lucky for you. I have not had the chance encounter with a friend with mutual interest. Hope it goes well!
  13. I found another site which is also talking about the Wolford Men's section, interestingly it also shows pictures of men in tights from their 1990's Men's campaign which disappeared. So i think they have been working to bring Men back into their market..again. The site below also does a lot of reviews for hosiery, Wolford being one of them. It is nice to see the trend and hopefully we can see a change for Men's fashion. http://hosieryformen.blogspot.ca/2016/11/wolford-add-tights-to-mens-category-in.html
  14. That is impressive Miro, Good for you for doing all the painstaking task of GPS and mapping it out as well. That is an great walking goal to do in heels, admirable. Yes we all face challenges in keeping our fitness as we get older and having a goal/challenge is a great way to maintain ourselves. Geez it is making think about making a challenge/goal! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!
  15. What is the part of the shoe/boot which would I be concerned about drawing attention to? The toe is not an issue at all, have many in various styles, heel type, I have several of block heel, several of wedge heel and fewer of stilletto heels, just need to find right ones thou. So heel would the item I see as a drawing feature. However saying that, wearing a pair of thigh boots, it would the shaft height as the major drawing card for attention!
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