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  1. Hello Mr. Aristoc: with all my jealousy: fantastic look!!! Greetings, Metoeke
  2. Hello AHB13,

    for me, your article to the topic "Who Else Know You Like Wearing Heels..." is very interesting.

    You have postet "for the most part (i) have full acceptance..."

    Is it possible? You had no trouble, hostility, humiliations? Your superiors had you acceptet?

    In this case: a wholehearted congratulation! You must really be a happy boy. Are you working in the tg-paradise (lol)?

    At last: please, indulge my terrible english, i habe never learnt Shakespeares language.

    kind regards



  3. hello aristoc, thank you very much for your friendly answer. furthermore many happy adventures in heels. kind regards, Metoeke
  4. hello aristoc: first: excuse my terrible english, please: i´ve never learned Shakespeare´s language at school education. My question, as you so friendly to answer: let you show your fantastic legs in heels and skirt also in public (streets, pubs, stores)? What´s about the attitude of your wife/girlfriend? Any trouble? Many thanks for your answer, happy day Metoeke
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