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  1. Thighmax

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I love the boots, i have pair from Karla Malthon that looks almost like it, except the heel looks a lot taller on my boots, it's about 6 inches high. Can you tell me more about the leather pants? Those really look nice, I love leather!!!
  2. Thighmax

    Were you caught by your mother?

    I used my mother's boots a long time. Every time I was alone in my house I would try and use them as much as I could. Unfortunately, I outgrew them, which coincidentally is when I fell in love with hosiery. When I wasn't able to fit into them anymore I used to move them around a lot so that she would notice. She asked my dad to talk to me about it and he told me that using my mother's boots wasn't correct and that I should keep off them. I never touched them again, but only because there was no use.
  3. Thighmax

    Why do I feel like it is wrong?

    I truly appreciate your message, and the time that you have taken to write it down. As I have mentioned before, I have been into high heeled boots since I was about 4 years old. I could say it is second nature to me now. When I was a kid I used my mother's boots, when my feet stared growing I found that hosiery was what I needed to use the boots. Needless to say, I fell in love with hosiery. I ventured into dresses about two years ago, and liked the way they felt. Unfortunately, when I saw myself in pictures I felt that it didn't look as good as it felt. I didn't give up, I started changing brands and styles and found things that I liked. Now, when I see myself in pictures I actually like what I see. As you can imagine, I like the way I look but have seen pictures of other men and find that they look to feminine and I am afraid that this is the image I project. I don't intend to pass as a woman, I only like the clothes. I know that with the clothing comes the territory, I will have to walk differently, sit and act differently in order to look good, this may look a little more feminine. After taking more picture I have found that my image, even though it is more feminine, doesn't really project the picture I was thinking. Now, it is all a matter of having the guts to go out, which I know that will happen but it might take a little time. thanks to you all for reading my posts.
  4. Thighmax

    Why do I feel like it is wrong?

    Thanks to all for the responses and for making me understand that after all, you choose what you like and it shouldn't matter what other people think about it. I will let you know how everything goes!!!
  5. Thighmax

    Why do I feel like it is wrong?

    thanks for all your comments, I see that there are different perspectives to every situation and that is exactly why I want to keep reading whatever you have to say. On further thoughts, most of what I have is fear of what might happen to me or my family, I guess I will never know until I try it. When I see myself in pictures, I feel like I look really good, I feel confident. Unfortunately, when I see other men dressed like this, it feels like there is something wrong with the look. Therefore, my conclusion comes to thinking that there is something wrong with the look I portray. I know that this has to do with stereotypes, but I can't help it. I guess it is all a matter of getting used to something different.
  6. Thighmax

    Why do I feel like it is wrong?

    Thanks for both of your comments. First off, I have looked at myself in the mirror and I feel really good about the way I look. I have also looked at myself through pictures and somehow it doesn't feel quite as right. I do believe that I shouldn't look at anybody else on Pinterest, won't do it again. I have been trying to write my thoughts for about 5 minutes now and I don't know how to express what I'm feeling. I guess, I would like to know what all of you have gone through, in terms of what your feelings have been. in order to help me comprehend what goes through my mind.
  7. I need some help. I am going to tell you my thought process and maybe some of you experienced people can give me some insight. Ever since I was a little boy I have been in love with high heeled boots, I even asked my mother to let me use her boots, but she never did let me. After some time I started experimenting with dresses, skirts and leather and fell in love with all of it. I have even bought a couple of pairs of high heeled shoes which at one point was inconceivable. When I see myself in the mirror I feel sexy and powerful and I really like the end product. I don't intend on passing as a woman, just wearing all the clothing. Unfortunately, I have found that when I see other men wearing the clothes I use (there are quite a few pictures on Pinterest), the thought in my mind is that it really doesn't look good and that maybe I shouldn't be doing it. I don't know if it is part of accepting myself, but every so often all this makes me doubt myself and really question if I should keep going or just stop and don't use this type of clothing. I feel really good wearing them, I have given it a lot of thought to actually start wearing my clothing outside, but as you can understand, there is something really powerful (in my mind) stoping me from actually doing it. I have gone to therapists and they have told me there is nothing wrong with all of it. As you can see I have contravening thoughts about my style, I would appreciate it very much if you can tell me it this experience is new or not and how to grow from it. thanks
  8. Thighmax

    Nine West

    I have been buying boots from Nine West for about 12 years now. Their models are really good, I can tell you that I have about 25 pairs of boots from them and I like all of them. I do believe that they have sacrificed quality of their products, I personally have started buying less from them because of quality. All of the boots that I have bought have lost their inner, it is really cheap and after a while it starts to break of, which sticks to the leg and doesn't feel really good. I personally believe that people will continue to buy their shoes but they have to improve their quality.
  9. Thighmax

    To Dress, or To Overdress?

    Unfortunately, I have only worn boots outside a few times. I don't even know if someone noticed although I am pretty sure that a few people did. One of the people that noticed was a woman standing behind me in line. I know because she made an awful face when she looked down. I have only now started buying leather skirts, pants and I have also bought dresses that I like. I have never worn them outside though. From my perspective, this type of clothing is almost always more stylish than the way we usually dress. As an example, a few months ago, my wife and I dressed the same way, her shirt looked close to mine, so did her jeans and boots. The only difference is that her jeans were skinny, but the boots were exactly the same. We took some pictures, and you can clearly see that her look is way more polished than mine. It has to do with tidiness, I think. I have been wearing my dresses more often now, and when I look in the mirror, it automatically looks more dressed up than any other type of clothing I use. I do believe as Jeff does, we like the clothes so much that we almost like to play with them and play "dress up". I don't really care, I love the way I look when I wear a dress. It might look dressier than the average but I am dressing myself to make myself look good. I would say, carry on. I love looking the best that I can every time that I dress myself. There is never a second chance to make a "first impact"!!!!!
  10. Thighmax

    your opinion

    I like the ones on your right foot. I believe that the outfit looks good with both boots but somehow the thick heel makes the outfit a little more formal than the other boot. Just my opinion!!!
  11. Thighmax

    Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    As you will find out, most of us started when we were young. I have a picture of myself wearing my mother´s boots. When I was younger I loved the feeling of having boots on, I can´t really explain what the feeling was. When I got a little older I was attracted to the boots and heels. Again, I can't explain the feeling but it definitely got me really excited and turned a little more into a fetish. I forgot about my love about high heels for a while but when the internet started getting more used I started looking for shoes in my size. Most of the shoes in my size were thigh high boots and I bought a few pairs of them. I definitely felt really excited wearing them. After wearing them I would feel as if though I was doing something wrong, and I got rid of most of them. When I became an adult, I told my then girlfriend about it. It was a little complicated but she accepted my interests, not really enjoyed them. I started buying a really nice collection of boots (knee and thigh high). I have ventured into trying all types of female attire, which makes me feel really good when I wear. In trying to figure out what I feel I can tell you; I like the way I feel more with this type of clothing that with male attire. I put it this way, this type of clothing makes me feel sexy, comfortable and good about myself. Unfortunately, I feel really sexy and nice when I wear them, but I don't feel quite as good when I see pictures of myself using them. It is contradictory but that is the way I feel. I love the way I feel with this type of clothing, it makes me feel good.
  12. Thighmax

    The Issue of Gender and Clothing

    I have ventured into buying women's clothing and I can honestly tell you that I love the experience. I now have spanx leggings, dresses, jumpsuits and skirts. I love how everything feels. I still don't have the courage to wear them outside though. I love the way this type of clothing feels, I know that it is what I like to wear.
  13. Thighmax

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I looked into my boots, the style is called Paragona. They are really great, and really high. They are going to be really hard to find, I bough mine in 2013.
  14. Thighmax

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I have a pair of brown boots just like the ones you just showed. I don't remember the exact name but I will surely go home and look for the name. They are the highest pair of boots from Nine West that I have ever had. They are really nice.
  15. Thighmax

    Bodysuits, Jumpsuits

    I bought a couple of Bebe bodysuits and jumpsuits. I can honestly tell you that the jumpsuits make me feel great!!! I love the way they look. Regarding the bodysuits, the thing I like the most is that they go into the pants and look good without having extra clothing that you don't know where to put. I have had a great experience with this type of clothing.

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