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  1. I bought a couple of Bebe bodysuits and jumpsuits. I can honestly tell you that the jumpsuits make me feel great!!! I love the way they look. Regarding the bodysuits, the thing I like the most is that they go into the pants and look good without having extra clothing that you don't know where to put. I have had a great experience with this type of clothing.
  2. Wow, those Wolford bodysuits do look great. Unfortunately, I see that the largest size they have is large and I do think it is too small for me. I will also try I bought a couple of bodysuits from Bebe, they carry some of them up to size XL. I will let you all know how they fit. Bebe carries bodysuits that look like shirts, I hope they fit ok. Regarding the bulging. I do have one bodysuit, and the great part is that it goes really close to your body and doesn't bulge. I do recommend them.
  3. I know that I have discussed high heels and boots a lot on this site. Recently I bought a few dresses, which I still don't feel that comfortable to wear, and I don't know that I ever will, and I also bought a couple of leather skirts (which I instantly fell in love with). I have also bought a few pairs of leggings and have been trying to figure out what to wear them with. That's when I started looking into bodysuits. I was wondering if any of you has experience with them and what you would recommend. I have bought one and it does feel great when on. What I really like about bodysuits is that they can look good with tight clothing and they don't bulge around the waist which is what happens when I wear my usual mens shirts. What do you think about them?
  4. I have a few comments regarding the dangling!!! First of all, even though it seems as though she doesn't know she's doing it, it is incredibly sexy and I don't know if I would be able to pay attention to someone doing it. Second, it appears like she only uses the shoes for the look. The shoes look like they have never been used for walking, the sole is completely unused. Third, I would never be able to that as I only have boots!!! I conclude that it does look great!!!
  5. I don't know if what I am about to say is correct or not. We are used to seeing women with those types of leggings and of course they look way different than we do. Society has told us that they look great but us men don't look so good because there is a bulge in our pants. I like to wear leggings very often and find that we have to get used to looking differently. Like wearing heels it will be a little bit of a shock at first but who's to say that at any given time women will not find it nice or even attractive. I know that I may be deviating from the main topic but I find that we should be able to show what we've got.
  6. You are really lucky!!!! Those LK Bennett boots are really nice and they look great. I bought a pair of size 42 boots once but they were to small for me. Enjoy them!!!! They look great.
  7. Is that you? You have great legs, and the skirt looks really good on you. Congratulations.
  8. thanks for your replies to all!!! As BootsOnly stated, I have more than a few pairs of boots and my main problem seems to be space wise. I have them in a closet but unfortunately it seem to have fallen short to all the boots I have. It has become hard for me to find them and obviously there is no more space to have more pairs. If you know of any way to optimize space while been able to identify them I would greatly appreciate your help.
  9. I got the highland too!!! Though I got them in beige. The leather is really rich and it is stretch leather. I love the boots. Great purchase Rockup
  10. It is really great that your wife was so understanding. Even though a lot more women are starting to accept it, it still not easy to find a wife that is interested in planning the wardrobe. Don't push it to hard, there might be a few things that she doesn't like and need to be sure of. Congratulations!!! Your wife is definitely a keeper.
  11. I am sorry to learn about your problem Thighbootguy. As much as we love high heels it must be awful when you find out that you can no longer use them the way you like to use them. I sincerely hope that you get your strength back and start using them as often as you want.
  12. I finally did it!! I bough a couple of leather skirts and I can tell you that I loved them. As we have discussed before I have bought a few dresses, tried them on and even though they feel really good I don't really like the way I look in them. I decided to buy the skirts and found that this look is awesome. I don't really know if it is the leather or what but I love them. I also bought a bodysuit and I believe that it looks great.
  13. Do you have leather skirts? I am a big leather fan, I would love to wear leather all the time. Please let me know if you have any of them.
  14. You are awesome JeffB!!!! It is great to see that you dress the way you like. I do believe that dressing like that must have lifted a weight of your shoulders, I know it would to me. Keep posting these pictures and experiences, they make me feel that it is possible to wear whatever one wants to wear.
  15. I am sorry for you, the pictures are great, if that is you keep them as an incentive to get your foot better. When you are better, wear them often you look really good with the whole outfit. I am really happy you were able to fit in those boots. I bought a pair of size 42 boots from L.K. Bennett and even though they were beautiful I wasn't able to fit in them.