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  1. Hi and welcome, look forward to hearing more about yourself
  2. Hi John welcome to the site,hope to hear more about the types of footwear you have
  3. Cant be right
  4. Nice one, what a great feeling. There will be no holding you back now
  5. Love your style of high heels. One of my favorite shots is you with the leather and heels on.

  6. Thanks for your kind comments, glad you like my pics.

  7. Great looking boots
  8. Hi, thanks for kind comment the tight pants are by morgan, got them on ebay

  9. just like silk
  10. Hi there...So sorry for all the messages, kinda got carried away! I usually wear size 11-12(women's US size) in boots, depending on the fit. Will look on ebay for the white thigh boots on ebay and get back to you....I know about the ebay nuts, but want you to get as much as possible for your boots as well...Don

  11. If your intrested in a few pairs i could do a bit of a deal through paypal for you. let me know before i put some on ebay and get all the idiots looking.

  12. The white leather pleaser pair are on ebay now :)

  13. I have a well worn pair of vintage thighboots for sale 3 1/2 inch stiletto full zipper and that little elastic panel at the top, bit tatty but dead sexy, what size you after?

  14. Wearing well worn boots is a great turn on for me too, just something about them :)

  15. Hi yes i got those boots fom there too, they are a great fit. thanks for your kind comments