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  1. thank goodness spring is in the air!  time to dust off the high heels for a 2021 adventure!

    1. Cali


      You need to get some knee high stilettos for the winter. It's just as bold a look as your tight pants and heels

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  2. one of my favorite pairs of heels with jeans


    1. Cali


      Get some shorter jeans an show off those gorgeous heels.

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  3. The size limitations on this is absolutely ridiculous.  Other than Jen cropping the photo down to just my shoes what is the trick   

    1. Cali


      Many tricks. It depends of the platform and your available programs. Try mailing it to yourself.

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  4. My new boots.  Pleaser Delight 1056


    1. Cali


      Love the tassels. 

  5. Well, the rain cleared last night,  so I drove to one of my favourite secluded spots and set off for a 1 hour walk. Wore my favourite black boots. I know I should dive into my collection and mix it up a bit... :sad:

    But we know how it is... :giggle: We all have that one special pair! :cheeky: All my boots are special. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise!!! :giggle:, But there can only be one favourite pair! :cheeky: 

    Anyway, my calves were a little sore, but my feet were fine. So, my high heel fitness continues to improve!  :happy:

    I used to marvel at the women on the railway station, wearing their sexy high heel boots, I wondered how they would manage a 10-20 minute walk to and from the railway station every day. (Not all of them got driven to the station by car). :shocked:

    Well, now I know it can be done. :happy: Now I can walk in my 5" heel boots for an hour without noticeable discomfort. Fun! Fun! Fun!!! :happy:

    I still watch and daydream about walking to the station in my boots, wearing boots all day at work, and then walking home in my boots at the end of the day. :cheeky:

    For the moment, I'm still dreaming. For the moment I am still discreet. But not forever! :cheeky: The day will come when I stride out confidently in public, wearing my boots! :happy:

    Cheers  :cheeky:










    1. Cali


      And when that day arrives you will be free. Walking around in knee high exposed high heel boots makes you feel very powerful. I wore my boots for over 12 hours yesterday. So much fun.

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  6. Must.... have.... now.... :giggle:


    1. Cali


      Add push the rail back as much as possible and add another rail in front of the one you have. Split the second shelf and move your sandals to those spots. Plenty of room for more heels and boots.

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  7. tina : When this notice said " tina  reached to a post in a topic - The  perfect pump IMHO. What does that mean ?


    1. Cali


      It means tina gave you a reaction to your post, in this cases she "liked". You can see this at the bottom of that post of yours.

  8. Tech : Question. For years now I have received notes saying "  NAME --  has reacted to a post " etc. Has some one 

    sent a message or made a comment to me ? If so, Where is the comment , where do I find it ? I have never found

    One any where. If there is a comment that requires a response, I would not want anyone to think I am rude by not

    responding.  I am NOT computer smart.     spikesmike598360f79f8d2_DSCF5249(1).thumb.JPG.9d69dea3f9c00ed418c8e01235b8602a.JPG

    1. Cali


      On the top of the forum you should see a small bell. That's your notification place. Clicking the bell you should see what the notifications are. The envelope next to the bell is your email/message button.

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  9. What shoes do you wear to the mall? Or for that matter what clothes?

    Often contemplated should i wear something comfortable or stylish always dilema. 


    We strive not to be trolled in the mall by silly immature people. Once we show we are comfortable what we wear people get use to to it after their initial giggling reactions.

    Had quick errand to run on Friday at the mall decided to wear my black heel bootie Rag & bone harrows and skinny AG distressed black faded jeans. Not my first time walking around in public or malls in them. So i was more anxious or in a hurry to leave quickly getting the errand done. 

    Not many people at the mall around supper time. Those who i noticed me in the bootie heels were woman. Not that i was staring upon any particular woman but did notice few observation what i had on. First woman was at open Kiosk in the mall she looked over the counter as i approached passing by. She definitely glared surprised at my heel booties. Funny how females notice this quickly.

    Later as i was leaving i was approaching very attractive young female dressed similar to me. She was wearing tight medium wash jean leggings and dark tan block booties carrying shopping bag. She was approaching my direction as we were walking passing by. Didn't notice her at first as she came around the bend but did hear distinct click clack heel booties. Then i looked up distracted from looking upon myself, in the glass store window reflections, seen her my eyeballs bulging taking a big gulp, she definitely noticed me first, having that big sly smile on her  beautiful face, as many guys on this forum can attest having similar experiences themselves when outfited in heels or feminine clothes out in public. While acting little shy, i stared ahead pretending not being fazed at her smart cute confident happy grin. Did like her outfit and pretty legs but observing myself in reflections and mirrors around the mall stores i had  to have her beat, maybe she knew that don't know or my narcism. My booties were quite not a sound, leather soled suppose the quality of the booties makes them stealthy. 


    Don't know why an attractive female seen passing by at the mall was so amused by my near perfect outfit, humbly stating a proud opinion of myself.  Understanding  the reactions from other females about shock, open mouth stare, or rolling eyes of disapproval snear about me in heel booties and leggings. I get it, woman disapprove of male wearing female shoes, skinny jeans they find it repulsive because of there binary taste, style  of what i man should be wearing. Yet something about diva like females i see find me amusing that my outfit resembles hers, even appears better and modeled very well. My stride and walk was quick but flowed legs straight elongated firm and toned admired myself at any reflection i walked passed. 

    Best advice is for woman that get amused by my outfits is. Let people do what they need to do that makes them happy. Mind your own business and do what you need to make you happy. Suppose that is why i walk passed many divas with stoic expression fully aware of there amusement of my appearance. Simply faking ignoring them haters not giving in to any interaction or possible bemused sarcastic comments. Such as you looking lovely they way your styled. The style is so grand if your a woman, giggle laughter....  Why bother opening up myself to backhanded compliment..


    1. Cali


      Most of the time I wear booties to the mall. In the summer I might wear wedge sandals.  I observe women looking at my heels all the time, the clicking giving them away. Most of the time I know my heels are nicer than theirs. And higher.

  10. Hello HHP I seem to have returned here for some reason and unspecifiable period :-)


    1. Cali


      I'd like to see more women pop their heads in.

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