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  1. Tech : Where did I go wrong ?  I never intend to be sexually suggestive . Was it a photo I posted ?

    Can't even remember it . Help me out here so as not to make a mistake in the future .  spikesmike



    1. TKHeels


      I’m not Tech.  Wrong person?

    2. spikesmike


      TKHeels : Well there you go, I can screw up a wet dream. Its just as well, I didn't want to continue communicating

      with Tech any more anyway. Those white knee high boots are HOT. I have white high heels but not those. Keep the 

      photos coming. spikesmike





  2. This is my winning outfit for the morning


  3. Went with the super-leopard look this morning


    1. bambam


      Dude, your butt looks awesome

    2. TKHeels


      not exactly my intent, but thanks.

  4. TKHeels

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    That’s what I thought. Agreed
  5. TKHeels

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Just got these in. Not sure if I like the look with women’s skinny jeans or men’s better. What do you think?
  6. New boots today.  Men’s slim jeans this time.


  7. Paired the boots with my jeans and a burgundy top this morning


  8. (this morning . . .)

    now this outfit IS for school drop off . . .(probably my favorite to wear, too)


  9. Just doing mundane stuff usually, driving, checking the PO Box in off peak hours, walking around outside when I’m reasonably certain my chances of human contact are 10% or less, etc. I do wear my women’s skinny jeans to grocery store and things like that though, with sneakers. I’m in military still so I’m not quite as adventurous as I would be, say, in 2 1/2 years or so when I retire, oh and I’ll wear my women’s leggings/tights to go running in the morning without the obligatory shorts-cover that most men feel they have to do when wearing running tights
  10. my go-to heels this morning


    1. jeremy1986


      School dropoff?

    2. TKHeels


      Not this time.  Just some me-time

  11. my go-to this morning . . .
  12. Morning school drop-off complete . . .



    1. jeremy1986


      You certainly rock drop off!!!!

    2. tarapt1060


      Stunning look, Thats the Wow factor big time

  13. Outfit of choice this morning to drive my son out to the bus stop.


    1. jeremy1986


      Looks like it was a fun ride!  For you anyway ;-) 


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