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  1. peep toe thrift store find.  Unfortunately, $400 is still too rich for me right now.  Absolutely love them!  But Louboutin . . .


  2. Feeling great!


    1. heellover00


      Feeling great, but looking nice.

  3. Went back to my first leggings I bought and one of the oldest pair of heels I own this morning.


    1. jeremy1986


      Stunning combo!

  4. Outfit of choice earlier today.


    1. jeremy1986


      Great look

  5. Not really matching this morning, but still comfortable . . .



  6. This morning’s ensemble9C9AE3E0-7EB4-4CE3-9A4D-763C421BAF35.thumb.jpeg.5f8fb40efd08d1fdbc8b5b48b0b13c4c.jpeg

  7. Welcome to hhplace! I love stiletto heels, as is evidenced by all the pictures I’ve taken and posted on here the last couple years. I was glad to find this site too. My wife is “ok” with me having heels around but I wouldn’t say “super-supportive”, necessarily. I kept my love of heels hidden and she “discovered” them later, and I just started buying again the last couple years. I purged quite a few but my current collection is somewhere around 30 pairs. I wear a 9 to 9 1/2 US in open-toed heels and a 10 closed-toe. Strangely enough, in men’s shoes I wear about a 10 1/2, but if I bought women’s shoes that big, my feet would be swimming in them. I also have a relatively narrow foot.
  8. Welcome back. Unlike a lot of people on here, I only came across my love of wearing heels within the last couple years and joined right about 2 years ago now. I usually buy shoes, as boots a lot of times are a bit out of my price range, but you never know. Welcome back and enjoy.
  9. My new Highest Heel collection shoes . . .


    1. jeremy1986


      Looking great!

    2. heellover00


      sexy heels

  10. Had some time this morning.
  11. Just arrived yesterday. Cute and comfortable!
  12. Don’t know quite what to do with my new heels.  Good for sitting, laying down, and maybe a little bit of standing, but not so much for walking.



    1. jeremy1986


      Wow. Quite the heels. 

  13. Feeling tall and pink this morning . . .



    1. jeremy1986


      A great fit. All the items pictured!

  14. Just placed a bid that I thought was too low, and won it regardless. Yes, the heel/platform is 10”, and yes I’m a size 9 in open-toe/sandals.
  15. A couple more pics of one of my favorite pairs of heels . . .



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