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  1. Pain relief....

    Insolia are great, I also use Scholls "party feet". I have done for years.
  2. Pain relief....

    Here are the words you wrote. I didn't write them boy.
  3. Pain relief....

    So you're saying that foot pain from heels is basically something that only overweight people suffer from?
  4. Pain relief....

    Well, I'm as skinny as a rake and have been wearing heels pretty much every day since I left school but I still get pain if I'm on my feet too much of the day. I really don't think body weight is a factor.
  5. Pain relief....

    Did anyone here try this yet?: http://www.whowhatwear.co.uk/how-to-make-heels-comfortable
  6. Slyheels reply to your post ^ is exactly right. Anyway if you really do consider yourself to be a "super fashion guru" how is it that you failed to submit a photo of your legs and heels in my thread? ; 2018 Man with best looking legs and heels competition.
  7. You can send them to me and I will adjust them. I PM'd you my email address
  8. OMG some of these are brilliant! This is going to be waaaaaay more difficult than I thought!
  9. Word Association Game

  10. This will be decided later on in the year and will be pending on continued interest in and frequency of postings.
  11. Megan and I will know right away yes. The rules are as above. The picture must have your own legs in it and you must be wearing Heels. The end date of the competition will depend on the frequency of postings but it will be several months from today. You can enter a second and third picture if you consider another members posting has compromised your chance of winning.
  12. Take what you consider to be the best picture of your own legs in heels. Post it in this thread. Don't cheat.
  13. This is the official 2018 "Man with best looking legs and heels competition" thread. Megan and I will jointly decide who the prize winners are. Good luck everybody And Happy New Year. xx
  14. Absolutely not the thing now Megan.
  15. Word Association Game