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  1. Not as high as yours Pernilla. I don't think anyone could manage that!!! If you can get around easily in those then that's quite an art in itself. Ok heres a pic for you apologies for the presentation but since I can't win there's little incentive to make an effort 🙂
  2. Love this one! I wondered about entering myself but its a bit pointless since I'm one of the judges. lol
  3. Tech darling, I think that taking photographs outside might be outside the comfort zone of many of your members. I already initiated a new one. That can include everyone. Perhaps you would want to start another separate outdoor one? Hope the new year is treating you well so far.
  4. No no Tech has the say as to whom won last years competition.
  5. Well I’m in no doubt who I would choose but I think we will need to wait for Tech to decide.
  6. Good morning everybody It brings me great pleasure to announce the opening of the 2021 Legs and Heels contest Rules as follows: Max of 2 pictures per-entry (Post). Max of 1 entry per-day. Entries will be judged as usual by Megan and myself
  7. Thank you for initiating this Tech. I had forgotten all about it.
  8. It’s amazing to see so many of the original members still active here.
  9. I’m so pleased and it’s lovely to see you posting in public after having been shy and retiring for so long 🙂
  10. Well you have had quite some experience since then
  11. I was online shopping when I came across this site. Gosh that was long time ago. I still visit sometimes
  12. simple, honest, unpretentious and above all, informative.
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