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  1. Forgot to mention escalator horrors.
  2. If you wear heels all the time for too long you can end up being forced to wear them by the simple fact that it hurts like hell if you don't. It happened to me and I had to spend a long time doing painful stretching excercises until I could comfortably walk without heels even for an hour or two. It still feels like I have big long clumsy clowns feet when I walk around without heels but at least I'm not forced to wear them in that way anymore. You boys enjoy your fantasy and that's fine but having to deal with it as a day to day reality is different I can tell you.
  3. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    I love it because the sun can shine under and the wind and the falling leaves can blow under my feet.
  4. Word Association Game

  5. Do you girls like these??

    I think they look very cheaply made. I think the heel is disproportionately high making them look quite ugly. I think they are something that a hooker or crossdresser might want to wear.
  6. Hello HHP I seem to have returned here for some reason and unspecifiable period :-)


    1. Cali


      I'd like to see more women pop their heads in.

    2. Amanda
  7. Word Association Game

    Ancient Greece
  8. Word Association Game

  9. Word Association Game

  10. Just popped in to say hello Meg.

    Hopefully catch up  sometime soon when your awake.



    1. meganiwish


      I love the picture.  Sorry I've missed you.

      You know, this site needs you to get some things going.  I have tried,  but you have something that I don't, that gets people interested.  I come here really now to keep in contact with Roff and rarely check much else.  I'm inclined to think that your absence is a sign of your life being good.  I hope that's the case.

      Megan xx

    2. Amanda


      Hi Meg :-)

      I know exactly what it is that gets people interested.

      I try to be, I really do but generally I'm happier at the other footwear related forum I joined. It's mostly female members and it's more fashion orientated.

      Miss you and Roffy though and the word game. Oh and derailing threads of course. I'll try and find time to pop in more regularly now that winter is descending upon us. I'm generally much less busy at this time of year.

      Yes life is good, still enjpoying being young free and single/spinster. hope the same for you.

      Hope your Mum's well too xxx

  11. End of season Zanotti

    I've missed your postings Meg :-)