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  1. tina :  Some time ago I heard that there is  a place in Pa. that turns the town over to any thing goes weekend. Not murder or evil stuff like that. One can wear anything. Men in high heels, dresses, make up, what ever. Thought I saw it on the ( net ). However, Can not find or locate any more about it. Gust a shot, You being from Pa. maybe you know of it.   mike.    5a92d8b2ac572_leatheroutfitwithboots.thumb.jpg.c8599a17b5493fc712b3c5948b92a7f3.jpg

  2. going great gone to super market in them as well .
  3. there are taps added to these babies .
  4. those are lovely heels .
  5. lovely heels spikesmike .
  6. in there own bedroom converted to shoe closet
  7. soon he'll have as many heels as i do . (over 150 pairs)
  8. i just felt like putting them on his heels.mine already have them added..there really loud during the over night .
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