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  1. those are lovely heels .
  2. lovely heels spikesmike .
  3. in there own bedroom converted to shoe closet
  4. soon he'll have as many heels as i do . (over 150 pairs)
  5. i just felt like putting them on his heels.mine already have them added..there really loud during the over night .
  6. added some taps to bf onlymaker chunky platform mary janes
  7. i know that, i'm slowly getting him to wear them every day .
  8. lovely heels you 2 are wearing there
  9. my new onlymaker chunky heeled platform mary janes . bf also got a matching pair for halloween
  10. ya'll keep up wearing the heels, heels are NOT just for us girls , guys look hot in them as well . i'm locked in these babies all weekend. wish me luck .
  11. tina : When this notice said " tina  reached to a post in a topic - The  perfect pump IMHO. What does that mean ?


    1. Cali


      It means tina gave you a reaction to your post, in this cases she "liked". You can see this at the bottom of that post of yours.

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