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  1. Hello from newbee

    Do you make stiletto marks on the deck? There are wooden floors in the place I work part time, so I need to be careful!
  2. They're just like other male shoes - all the same! Different materials and different names, but otherwise almost identical, just like the rows of men's shoes in any shoe shop. Perhaps that's the idea - lulling your average unimaginative man into believing they're a safe option. I wouldn't buy them, even at a tenth of the price! You have to admire the company for trying, though, and maybe it will make some little contribution to making heels for men slightly more mainstream.
  3. Hello from newbee

    My wife has known about my heel wearing for about 29 years, and it's only in the last four or so that she's been OK with me wearing them in public. Her attitude about indoor wear has varied over the years. The trouble is, if you try to ask questions about WHY they object, they get all emotional and make it plain that any decent man would KNOW why. I suppose it's a question of reverse psychology needed. If they know it gives you simple pleasure, why should they deny you that? They enjoy a variety of clothes - why not you? They understand feelings more than facts. As I said to my wife, it's not as though I'm going out mugging old ladies. I'm harming no one, and it gives me a lot of enjoyment. I'm not asking for her to understand me; just to indulge me. Luvheelsmuch might also hint that it could be worthwhile in the bedroom....
  4. Hello from newbee

    It's this total hypocrisy that really annoys me. Does she wear jeans and sneakers? Those are men's wear, so you should freak out about her wearing them! Women wear what they like, and no one bats an eyelid. Unfortunately it's very difficult to reason with them, as their opinions aren't based on reason. I'm saying that as someone who actually gets on very well with my wife! Have you asked her what she likes about wearing heels? Should you be forbidden that simply because of the wrong mix of chromosomes? That's just cruel!
  5. Hello from newbee

    Just take things as they come. My wife still doesn't really like me wearing heels even after 30 years, but she realises they are part of me. Also I wear them because they are an instant cure for backache. Try raising the subject with your wife sometime - just a general comment about heels, not about you wearing them. Does she wear them herself? I think a lot of women feel threatened by men who wear heels, and a kneejerk reaction is, 'Are you gay?' That's what my wife asked and I've since found it's a common question. So is a woman in flat shoes a lesbian? Just as much logic...
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I like the top ones
  7. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    Positive comments?
  8. Ah, I'll keep that in mind! 'I love the glitter.' 'Yes, I wear them all the time, and the heels are 4.5 inches.'
  9. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    Very nice, and fantastic boots. Do you get comments?
  10. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    Ah, not much then. :-(
  11. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    Those look amazing. How high is the heel, if not 6 inches? Is that just the height to the top of the boot? I have some boots with hidden heels about 4 inches. They aren't so nice to wear as other heels but they allow me to wear heels in many circumstances when a real heel might not be a good idea!
  12. Locking Steel High Heels - Fancy Steel

    Those shoes must be desperately uncomfortable, with no insole! Perhaps the wearer or inflicter wouldn't worry about that!
  13. The height of the visible heel is about 4 inches, and the extra height of the insole takes it to almost 4.5 inches. I'm wearing them now. They're a bit tight across the top but they should stretch a bit with wearing. They have quite a pointed toe, which makes them rather feminine from the front, but the rest could be like a cowboy boot for most people who would even notice them.
  14. But why never any mention of my heels, in over three years of wearing regularly, but three comments on the glitter in two hours? I've just got these - £10 in a charity shop. Real leather, with heels just over 4 inches measured vertically. I'm looking forward to seeing how many people notice. They make a bit of a noise but nothing exceptional.