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  1. Well done, @GrlNxtDr88 My experience is that most women appear to be threatened by men in heels, as they regard heels as their domain and don't know how to cope! A lot of male heel wearers are in the closet because they know that telling their wives/girlfriends would break up their relationship. I'm very fortunate in that my wife tolerates my heel wearing but only if the heels are not obviously feminine. I wear wedges or block heels most of the time although I have some thinner ones I wear when it wouldn't embarrass her - I've been shopping in stilettos but only away from home and when she hasn't been with me. The amazing thing is that I've never had anyone mention them to me, even when I've worn stilettos. You're a rare woman, and your boyfriend is very lucky to have you, as no doubt he knows.
  2. A lovely idea but although one used to wear stilettos a lot she now often wears flats. I think her joints are getting painful. The other one I know well just doesn't wear heels at all. I've only met the third one recently so I don't know. Perhaps I could get that idea going for the next big company conference in July, as people tend to dress up for that. Anyway, this day should prove interesting, if only to clarify the goalposts.
  3. Thanks. I appreciate everyone's concern and wise advice. I won't get sacked, as I'm self-employed, and something actually written into the company's mission statement is the word 'fun', so it would be taken in good part by everyone if (that word again!) I get the support and contribution of the ladies in question. I always wear heels to company events anyway, so that wouldn't be new. Perhaps stilettos would be new... I'll just wait and see what happens. I'll wear my block heel boots and possibly put a pair of stilettos in the car.
  4. Perhaps the post would have been more appropriate in the Ultra High Heels forum. There's been various discussion on these lines previously.
  5. I wouldn't bring the skirt myself. I'd say that if they wanted me in one they should bring it. That will put the onus on them, and a get-out for me. I doubt this will get beyond fantasy, but we can always dream. I sent one of them a FB message just saying my male brain was trying to process the signals they gave out, from the initial remark to the detailed discussion about clothes, and ascertaining how serious they were, as I didn't have the female seventh sense. She thought my message was hilarious and said the bit about the matching colours was serious, as was the bird pattern - an extra touch by one of them. I didn't mention anything else specifically. Anyway, it's sown the seed. It's obvious they regard me as 'one of them'. The one I contacted had already said in a group message that they should call me Charlie, and they were the three angels. I saw her and another of them at a business presentation last evening and I greeted them loudly as 'my angels', much to everyone's amusement, and there were hugs and kisses. That's not unusual in this business, BTW. These aren't giggly teenagers - the youngest is in her thirties and the other two are in their forties and fifties. I wouldn't tell my wife! She'd see the new shirt, of course, but that wouldn't cause any problems. Any footwear other than my usual heels would have to be smuggled into the car. I have some black suede stilettos with round toes and heels just over 4 inches. I could take those and test the temperature - even just to wear in usual man mode.
  6. I'm not particularly interested in wearing a skirt but as part of an overall good time and coming out properly in heels it would take a lot of beating, and if my heels were on show I'm sure I'd get some comments, including how well I can walk in them, etc. Everyone says I have great legs (modest...) so there might even be a bit of light-hearted bitching there.
  7. I had a very interesting time on Saturday, out for the day at a business meeting with three ladies. One of them took her car so we converged on her house to get a lift. When I arrived, they said, You're the odd one out - we're all wearing skirts! I said it's a real shame I didn't know the dress code before I arrived! I was wearing my usual 4.5 inch block heels, but no comment was made, although I'm sure they know I wear them. I've known two of them for over three years. Even then, could you really sit next to someone in the back seat of the car for over an hour without that other person seeing what you're wearing? Anyway, the four of us are going to another business training on 14 April and we've decided our clothes will match for colour (blue) and our tops will have pictures of birds on. I'm now just waiting for a few prompts, as we're on a separate FB chat group. I would absolutely love the opportunity to wear something more daring in the way of shoes - some blue stilettos, perhaps? It will be a 'safe' environment - the company's head office - with moral support from three others. However, I don't want to force the issue, obviously. Perhaps I should get my blue heels in anticipation... One of them might even provide a skirt! I shouldn't get my hopes up too far, but it certainly made for a very interesting conversation.
  8. The comments are predictable, of course, from 'good for him' to 'how dare he'! One particularly vociferous idiot also shows crass ignorance of fashion and history.
  9. Tried all that! It simply doesn't recognise anything - not even the phone! The other phones I've had were fine, and yes, there are two storage bits - phone and SD card. I always save photos to the SD card.
  10. I used to be able to do that with every other phone I've had. On this one I've even tried installing the company's own software to facilitate it but it simply won't show the drive anywhere!
  11. They have a 7 in black or burgundy but not an 8. They are reasonably wide and my size 8 feet fit quite easily into the 8, but of course I can't say whether your feet would fit. This is the link. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161841100417
  12. Here, I hope, is a picture. I've had to connect via my phone.
  13. Not sure they're still available, but will check. What size are you?
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